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Transfer non-locked items between farms with or without shipping license. Click here to watch the video tutorial


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Gets Items to your GiftBox (no links) Requirments: Space in your giftbox Code Format: xnf_harvester:1|haybale:5|cowboytree:10|     (MAX 500  of each item but can do multiple items x 500  same cycle) Check your codes! Do NOT duplicate any items/codes. Do not use … Continued


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Share any animal/building/deco/vehicle/ring/statue/tree etc or consumble Requirements: seedling nursery on farm and seedlings in giftbox How to Use: 1. Tick Run (tick disable if dont want run same items a 2nd cycle) 2. Choose option 3. Choose farm 4. Choose … Continued


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Place any animal/building/deco/vechial/ring/statue/tree or other item on your farm for free, also makes animal-links to share. MAX 50 ACTIVE LINKS IF SHARING ANIMALS, 1 click per link Requirments: seedling nursery on farm your and seedling in your giftbox. How to … Continued


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Requirments: You must have a seedling nursery on your farm and a seedling in your giftbox. It uses one seedling for every pigpen it places. IMPORTANT INFO TO BE READ BEFORE RUNNING PLUGIN! 1. Do not run on farm with … Continued


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The plugin automatically captures the pesky gophers for the gopher garden and birds for migration pond when its time. It also shows how many gophers and birds you have captured so far.


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BuyAwesomeFbX buys and places specified items on the different farms  Users need to choose farm(s) and in the number box next to each farm name, put number how many of the items to put. In the box for item(s) put … Continued


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 This plugin is used to UNLOCK the last three farms that are on ‘Free Access‘, at any point in the game.  When we run the plugin, it automatically reads which of the farms needs to be unlocked.    The farm(s) … Continued


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when co-ordinates are given with the help of inbuilt farm map, the plugin  creates-n-piles plots,  deletes plots,  piles any other building on farm,  without piling just moves and organises objects  buys from market and places seeders  place roost seeders on … Continued

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