FV_Crafter special Tutorial – Level recipes with Dummies buying Goods

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This is a tutorial on a special function to level up your recipes. Main tutorial for FV_Crafter is here

How to level up recipes with Dummies buying crafted goods from main


1) Go to Goods Store
2) Click show/hide and select main to buy from (1 only)! Press “Save Only One Account”:


3) Tick “Use setting above instead of these settings (USE FOR MASTERING YOUR OWN ACCOUNTS ONLY)?” Press “Save Goods”:


4) Go to Settings and tick following and save:

  • Trade In Crafted Goods For Fuel
  • Buy Crafted Goods (FIRST You MUST Choose Items in Goods Store)

5) In Bot “Accounts” set each dummy to run one time.

This will buy from main in each farm ticked in dummy, it will also change farms for that!

A Hint: This is only one method to level up recipes, to be used additionally. You as well might check out RecipeOR which levels recipes by buying & selling the crafting building.