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The plugin automatically captures the pesky gophers for the gopher garden and birds for migration pond when its time. It also shows how many gophers and birds you have captured so far.

To capture them, you need to have enough treats and bird feeds. This plugin can also generate 2 links of each  type, if set by user, and links can be found in fv_links. Alternatively, you can use FeatureLinks plugin to generate links and then click on them using dummy accounts automatically.

To capture gophers and birds, check the following boxes in the plugin and press SAVE SETTINGS:

Screenshot_1Once set, plugin will automatically capture them if its time and enough bird feeds and gopher treats are available. You don’t need to set it again .to capture them next time.



  • To get gopher treats and bird feeds, you can use the plugin to generate 2 links of each type and then export the links from fv_links. Then click on the links from your other accounts. To generate links, check the following boxes and press SAVE SETTINGS.

Screenshot_2You need to do this every time you want to make those links.

  1. You can’t make more than 2 links of each type due to in-game restriction, and you can  ask for them only every 6 hours or you will encounter error generating links.
  2. You can use FeatureLinks plugin to get gopher treats and bird feeds. FeatureLinks can generate those links and then click on them with your  dummy accounts.