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Look here for advise on most current Errors, Fixes and Troubleshooting


I) Tutorials & Info for all base/supported Plugins

Find them in FV_OpenUpdater – Tab: Base/supported Plugins:


Help Chat for Bot and supported Plugins:

Most important:

1) FV_Settings: Basic Setup of which plugins to run on which farms Tutorial

2) FV_OpenUpdater: Help on installing and using Tutorial
FV_OpenUpdater V 1.05 and higher provides all available plugins. Note there are TWO tabs, supported & 3rd party/glitch!

3) FV_Cleaner: Rebuild databases. Only use if you got the mentioned, major problems! Tutorial

Run several accounts parallel (all engines) with SatelliteManager: Tutorial

Missing older plugins? Check here on a list of no longer working/patched/abandoned and which to use instead!

Full List of Supported Plugins:

  • FV_AnimalManager: Place, grow, sell animals. Tutorial
  • FV_BuildingManager: Manage contents of buildings. Tutorial
  • FV_Crafter: Craft recipes (requires bushels), buy goods from neighbors etc. Tutorial
    • FV_Crafter special Tutorial: How to level up recipes with dummies buying goods Tutorial
  • FV_CraftingBarns: Will handle Crafting Barns like Dairy Barn, Elite Horses, Toy Shoppe etc. Will auto-update to all new barns. Tutorial
  • FV_Farmer: Basically all farmwork, planting, harvesting buildings, animals and crops etc. Tutorial
  • FV_Giftbox: Handling the giftbox items, consume, add fuel, place in buildings or farm, sell… Tutorial
  • FV_Gifter: Send gifts to neighbors. Tutorial
  • FV_GiftGrabber: Accept gifts and help from neighbors. Tutorial
  • FV_Links: Records Links of all other Plugins automatically. Use to show and export your links to share, either on Facebook or to Virtual Wall (fBX Cloud). Tutorial
  • FV_LogStats: Shows farm stats in your log, at beginning of cycle. Tutorial
  • FV_MarketPlace: Buy market items and place on farm. Tutorial
  • FV_MoveMySh1t: Moves items between farms, no licence needed. Tutorial
  • FV_Neighbors: Visit neighbor farms for rewards, delete neighbors etc. Tutorial
  • FV_OpenUpdater: Install, update and repair all plugins. Tutorial
  • FV_Organizer: Move things on farm to defined sections. Tutorial
  • FV_ReleaseInfo: Shows you information about latest item releases. Tutorial
  • FV_SellMySh1t: Sell items from Farm, Giftbox and Storage. Tutorial
  • FV_Settings: Basic setup, determine which plugins to run on which farms etc. Tutorial
  • FV_Stats: Shows amount of items on chosen farm and other info. Tutorial
  • FV_Tools: Upgrade buildings, grow babies, flowers, trees, sell farm items … Tutorial
  • FV_TreeManager: List trees, water seedlings, sell all/mastered trees. Tutorial
  • FV_VirtualWallGrabber: Allows you to grab links shared by other faceBot users off the Virtual Wall. Tutorial
  • FV_WheresMySh1t: Shows item info for all items ingame, can show which buildings items fit into, what they grow up to etc. Also can show if you have them or not and where they are located (which farm/coordinates, giftbox, storage, buildings etc.) Tutorial
  • FV_XML: Shows full info of all items in game from xml. Tutorial

II) Tutorials & Info for 3rd Party/Glitch Plugins

Find them in FV_OpenUpdater – Tab: 3rd Party/Glitch Plugins:


  • AccountsInfo: Shows Info on all your accounts like fv cash, level, coins, fuel and fbid.
  • alsBuildingParts : Get all materials to GiftBox (must have a Jade Feed Mill on farm and room in storage)
  • alsConGlitch: Creates items in your giftbox. Do not do too many, have enough space in giftbox, up to 1 day needed for items to transfer.Tutorial
  • alsDNAViewer: Views DNA of sheep and pigs.
  • alsInnoRewards: Gets Innovation Rewards only if you have not accepted the Innovation Reward pop-ups already
  • alsItemHack: Gets & Stores Items Directly Stored in GiftBox (Buildings, Animals, Consumables)  Tutorial
  • alzTreeMaker: Grows seedlings to any desired tree. Tutorial
  • animaLFromGB: Puts both locked and unlocked animals and trees in respective buildings. Tutorial
  • AnimalInfo: Gets codes
  • Ask4Sh1t: Will ask for stamps, questitems, farmstand, voting etc. and answer with your dummies, also generating links in FV_Links. Tutorial
  • AutoLevel: Will  levelup accounts FAST! Coins required. Easy setup, insert number of levels, then run. Insert half of the levels you want if you got double-xp statue. Tutorial
  • AutoQuester: Harvest Crops, Animals, Buildings from any ripe Crops/Item types on farm, get/harvest Bushels for Recipes and forward to FV_Crafter for instant crafting, also can do custom recipes. Shows Questinfo, replays Quests. Tutorial
  • BreedMySh1t: Ripen and harvest buildings like coop, stable, orchard, nursery, pens … determines most of settings automatically. Tutorial
  • BuildingAtoB: Move items from building to building. Move stored, locked items from their original farm to others (Attention: Once on wrong farm they can never be moved back). Tutorial
  • BushelOR: Gets you all kinds of bushels, 300 daily, also option to make links instead and share. Tutorial
  • buyAwesomeFbX : Buys and places specified items on the different farms. Tutorial


  • CapAnimalMastery: Masters Animals or Trees on farm IF you have Farmhands & Cap One Grow or Arborists & Instant Flights in Giftbox. Tutorial
  • Capture_it: Capture them pesky Gophers for Gopher Garden and Birds for Migration Pond. Also does Links for feed/treats, 2 each.
  • CoconutsMH: Ripens and harvests stable with 34% ripe horses. Tutorial
  • CoinMarketOR: Shows only buyable coin items, buys them, places on farm, also shows XP gained. Tutorial
  • Crops_it: Harvest any ripe crop to a crop of your choice for quests or bushels Tutorial
  • CurrencyGenerator: Harvests stable (33.3% horse) and dairy barn (100% cow) for both locked and not-locked. Tutorial
  • dailycheck_it: Gets daily delights. Tutorial
  • dragon_spells: Adds spells to dragons in your Dragon Lair for faster Mastery. Must have spells (do with MatsOR) in your giftbox before.
  • dragon_tend_it: Tends your dragon eggs in Eyrie every 3 hours, also hatches eggs and breeds new pair of dragons.
  • ExpandFarm_it: Expands old farms (older than Avalon) with coins and fvcash.


  • farmchangerHarvestFbX: Unencoded harvest of money trees and other non ripe-able buildings, auto-changing farms Tutorial
  • FarmConsumer: Consumes a number of items, one a cycle, like Insta Grow, Fertilizer etc.
  • FarmersSquare: Will switch to Farmer’s Square once factory buildings (Gas Station, Mechanic Shop, Garden) are ripe to harvest – Square Coins needed!
  • farms_info: Shows farms names, short codes and storage info. Tutorial
  • farm_games: Plays the free farm games like Fortune Wheel etc.
  • farm_membership: Requires having farm membership. Shows horses or trees to redeem, no fantasy horses.
  • FBX_AskAsk: Makes repeatable Ask-Links.
  • FBX_BreedNursery: Will ripen/harvest Nursery and Playpens. Tutorial
  • FeatureLinks: Generates a) Ask-Links like Gopher, Bingo, b) repeatable Links like SDs, Fuel, Super Fertilizer, c) Quest and Redeem Links for current features. Either share Links or let your Dummies click, similar to Ask4Sh1t. Tutorial
  • FlashGifter: Allows to send certain free glitch-gifts like Mystery Darts, Love Herb every 4 hours which FV_Gifter doesn’t show.
  • FuelOR: Makes fuel links for sharing. Tutorial
  • fvitems: Shows FV Items Info website ( inside bot.
  • FV_ItemLinks: Allows to share Links for Items by placing and harvesting playpens.Tutorial
  • gbToStorage: Lots of functions to place and sell. Place: from Giftbox to farm, to buildings or storage and from Storage to farm and buildings. Sell: Share bushels, sell seeds, mastery signs and other items from storage and Giftbox. Also option to reduce coins, regift and get raffle items. Tutorial
  • GetCurrency: Get unlimited Currencies (Coins, Coconuts, Jade, Square Coins, Berries). Can also buy things to giftbox.
  • GetMarketData: Information on market items by release date. Tutorial
  • GetNewExpansions: Gets all Expansions for Multi-Level farms (Avalon and newer farms). Move items out before with sell_it, else they get deleted. Will also delete Treasures, no way to move these out before.
  • glitch_animals: Places any animal, building, deco or other item on your farm for free, also makes animal-links to share.Tutorial
  • giftcollectOr: Collects gifts every 2 hour from the GIFT RUSH Feature
  • GL_BloomHarvestz: Harvests Bloom Gardens over and over for free. MUST have all gardens & blooms ripe on farm, else it will take cash!
  • GL_GetBlooms: Generates Links for all types of Blooms. Bulbs and flower food (5 per bloom) in Giftbox required.
  • grantSheepPatterns: Gets unlimited Sheep Patterns.


  • HarvestOR: Will ripen buildings, but needs AVG – Instant Grow!
  • idfvBuilder: Will place buildings on your farm and build them fully to first stage, using materials or SDs. Then use FV_Tools for further upgrades. Tutorial
  • jc_harvest8x: Harvest Specific Buildings (like fv_farmer Buildings Tab).  Tutorial
    Theres also an older version provided due to users demand: jc_harvest4 – this one has lower speed, so not recommended.
  • karGetMeBillions: Will give 1,000,000,000 coins every 24 hours.
  • karNeighbors: Add and delete neighbors, also shows info.
  • karSDMagic: Creates links for special delivery boxes. Tutorial
  • LevelUp: Level up accounts with buying/selling items of your choice. Tutorial


  • MagicKillOR: Deletes any item on your farm. Use on your own risk, can delete items like buildables outside farm which you can not get back!
  • MagicMarketSend: Will send items from market, magically… specially Unwither Rings. Tutorial
  • MagicMyRedeemItem: Redeem animals within 26fvc for 60fvc each (during special promotions only 12fvc).
  • MakePicsFbX: Generates background pictures for any selection of items to post on feed.Tutorial
  • ManageMastered: Sell mastered animals/trees.
  • MarketOR: Send market items and buy market items to Giftbox. Tutorial
  • MasterTreeSh1t: Master lots of trees fast by moving them through ripe orchards. Tutorial
  • MasteryChart: Info plugin showing masteries, sorted after categories like chicken, foals etc. Unmastered items/animals can be exported to notepad.
  • MaterialLinkOR & MaterialLinkORAutoMod: Gets all kinds of materials by asking a dummy, either setup amount of materials manually (normal version) or determine amount of missing materials automatically (AutoMod). Tutorial
  • MoveOR: Moves items between farms, no licence needed. Tutorial
  • MO_GoFishing: Don’t we love fishing – manages Angler’s Pond! Tutorial
  • MystreeSh1t: Handles Cupid’s Stable, Nutcracker Theatre etc. Places & opens ready eggs/ponies. Have Items to feed them before, set start, run.


  • NeighbourRequester: Send a Neighbour Request to specific FBIDs. Tutorial
  • Nih_MoneyTree: Harvests your money trees, cashcow and other buildings on different farms. Tutorial
  • OpenEggs: Open Eggs from Farm or from Giftbox, show Giftbox Items in pop up menu.
  • PixelArt: Create custom pictures out of haybales. Tutorial
  • PlotStackOR: Transform ripe trees or animals to plots. (u will lose the tree/animal)
  • PositionProFbX: Pile/delete plots, pile buildings, place coin items, move objects to specific place. Tutorial
  • ratzTurboPiler: Pile plots and buildings. Tutorial
  • RecipeOR: Level up recipes by selling and buying crafting building. Tutorial
  • redeem_it: Redeems old fv pots
  • remove_it: Deletes expired FV Cash Deco (Money Trees, Cash Cow etc.) from all farms
  • rrTurboBuyer: Buys things to Giftbox like MarketOR, but using codes. Tutorial


  • SDCracker: Select which items to get from SD boxes. Tutorial
  • SeedlingSh1t: Grow seedlings to any desired tree. Tutorial
  • Sell_it: Sells, places or stores animals or trees from farm or buildings. Options to sell mastered (all or except 1), skip seeders from selling. Tutorial
  • SendAwesomeFbX: Send any market/reward/quest/countdown item currently in game to given FBIDs.
  • send_QItems: Send Quest Items and regular Market Items.
  • shovel_it: adds shovels to cellar
  • SK_Egg_Open: Opens all eggs in Giftbox, showing their contents. Tutorial
  • sL_SendLimited: Sends the current limited item like Spectral Horse, Unicornicopia… to any FBID for 5 FVCash, also gets the sender the reward.
  • SuperFertilizerLinks: Make Super Fertilizer Links to share with your friends..


  • Transport_it: Moves items from farm to farm, with or without licenses.Tutorial
  • TreasureOR: Delete farm treasures (content will NOT be preserved). Tutorial
  • TurboPuppyLove: Handles first Task of Puppy Love Quest to get Turbos and links for Water Dishes.
  • unlimitedReGift: Will bypass the 3 regift daily limit.
  • unLockWorldsFbX: Unlocks latest 3 farms (can not get early access). Tutorial
  • VehicleUpgrade: Plugin will buy and upgrade vehicles, also can place fully upgraded from Giftbox.
  • WipeOR: Lists all items on a farm to sell them. Tutorial
  • WTFamImissing: Compares items or animals you have with Z* database, shows missing (Real Names & Codes). Also can show what you have or all items ingame. Filters mastered, released, farm-locked… Additional functions: 1) Update all farm’s info quickly in one cycle, 2) Converter to show names/realnames from lists of codes or the other way round. Tutorial

Missing older plugins? Check here on a list of no longer working/patched/abandoned and which to use instead!