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Share any animal/building/deco/vehicle/ring/statue/tree etc or consumble

Requirements: seedling nursery on farm and seedlings in giftbox

How to Use:

1. Tick Run (tick disable if dont want run same items a 2nd cycle)
2. Choose option
3. Choose farm
4. Choose amount pens to place
5. Input codes
6. Save

A.Place playpen on farm  Once placed do not try add or remove items (just delete/sell if need change items or make more with items you want)
B.Sell/Delete: will get remove of bad pens or 1s you no longer want
C.Harvest Buildings: Not recommended unless you have alot of AVG it takes 1 AVG per pen ripened * times set or FC you’ll use all up fast (see note at bottom)
If you have alot of AVG or FC, this will enabled you to harvest pens immediately you can also choose which pen and amount of times to harvest each


Format amount then a colon then code/name you want then space or pipe
example: 10:horse_gypsy|10:horse_brown OR 20:Zg   MAX 20 items total
Do NOT duplicate any items/codes. Do not use codes that are XX or Change_Farm (items with start and end dates or archived cannot be made will just give feed,)
Get codes from other plugin such as, FV_WheresMyShit, Craftbarn plugin, Materialinkor, Market plugins etc

Harvesting Pens with other plugins when ripe
Fv_Farmer enable link limit in FV_Setting to avoid expired links Tutorial
jc_harvest8x  Tutorial
Breedmysh1t  choose which pen to harvest,(you must have ripe seeder on farm 1 is enough it’s normal to get the “No Room for Seeder” message as this is a breeding plugin we are using it to harvest ripe pens Tutorial

Common Errors & Fixes:
1.Error 28: Not enough Money (This has nothing to do with farmcash or coins its a database mismatch )
Disable all plugins in FV_Settings except FV_Tools
Run the bot in the affected farm (build or expand something so farm data will update )
After you ran FV_Tools then run bot one cycle
Then retry plugin (data should now be correct )
2. Error28 no item name maps to item code this can happen if a bad enchance or z rollback new items wait untill  rereleased or try delte bad pen
If your missing Data in other plugins or in FV_Setting farms are not in corrct order you need use cleaner check  how to use correctly here
3. Error: Delete Pigpen – 28 Item doesn’t exist (recheck codes, duplicate/invalid code)
4. Error 28: Could not instantiate Client SaveObject (clear all settings in plugin and redo)

– Leave Default settings unless you have alot AVG or FC
– Do not overstuff pens this can cause false ripe data in other plugins or errors when harvesting
– 1 item code per pen gives more control over reward make lots of pens, Stack pens for space,full pen is best
– Avoid using on farms with normal playpens or a pigpen it will delte pigpens
– Pens give items or feed just like normal pens (5 people can claim)
1 ripe pen = 1 link feed/item same as normal pens (2 if you have double baby statue) . If you have alot pens only       harvest 50 pens or links expire (after 100 u start overwriting previous made wait till claimed then harvest more)
– As rewards also go to your giftbox remember to clean it out


AVG flights came from promotion Z and AVG did a long time ago you got a avgplane plus 6 flights a 1 time offer, If you never gotten flights before you can get by placing a plane now max 6 flights.
AVG flights is the only instant grow that can ripen pens (it ripens everything on the farm), there was a glitch what allowed players get as many as wanted, there is NO current method to get more atm so if you have them use with care/spare them (use 1 flight to ripe all farm with other this uses 1 per pen).
Flights do not show in your giftbox these are different to 1s shown there, they only show in plugins or on farm if you click on a biplane several plugins have option to use them.