To get started:


button-download-40 faceBot Extreme Setup/First Install


Attention Win XP/Vista Users: Bot version and higher will NOT run under Win XP or Win Vista.

Win 7 Users must have their current Win updates, at least Service Pack 1 installed. Best run Windows Updater until it finds no more updates!

Instructions for Basic Install & Setup

Download and save the installation (.exe) file for fBX. Desktop should be a good place, you will delete setup after install.

You might need to set an exception in your Antivirus Program (see Tutorial) for the installation file or turn your Antivirus off. After installation set exceptions for the whole facebot_Extreme folder and if possible, the bot’s exe files like described in the Tutorial. Then turn your Antivirus on again.

Doubleclick Setup Icon on your desktop to install:


Win 8 Users: If you get a Windows SmartScreen Warning about unknown app choose “More Info”:


Then choose “Run anyway”:


Then follow all the steps.

fBX Setup will check prerequisites to see if you need to install any additional software or not. Keep in mind that if Setup asks you to install any software it will NOT run without it, and you will need to install it after if skipped.

So just make sure you install whatever it asks you to, like Visual C++:


Also accept admin privileges if needed. Reboot if setup asks you to do that in between.

Hit next whenever asked to:


We recommend that you use default install folder on C: drive, as fBX Updater and other things else might not work.

Then hit install: 3037_2-install-install


Once installation is done, hit finish: 3037_5-install_finish

Congratulations! fBX is now installed on your computer!

Start fBX from Start Menu or doubleclick Icon to proceed to next step:

3037_7_shortcut_menu-win8 3037_shortcut

Install Game Engine

First thing you will see is an error, that’s fine, hit ok:


You will now need to install a Game Engine (read more about difference betweeen bot & engines). Only install games you actually play. Go to Menu >> View >> Engine Installer or just hit tab to the left to get to Engine Installer:


Then highlight the game engine you want and hit Install Engine:


Hint on New fBX Layout: If you want the old ( fBX layout back, choose Menu >> Theme >> Editor, then VS2005Theme:


Then save, close and open bot and tabs will show like in fBX Version To switch to new theme again choose VS2012LightTheme.

Setup Your Accounts

Next you need to set up one or more accounts. Go to Menu >> View >> Accounts or just hit tab “Accounts” to the left:


Hit Add Account and insert your Facebook Login Data, like this:


1) Email that you use to access facebook

2) Password for that account, again need to be same like that used to access facebook

3) Enable one or more engine/games you want to run, may look different if you installed other engines

4) Double click to set number of cycles that fBX should run at a time.

Also make sure that Active is checked, else the account is inactive and fbx will not do anything.

Save and add any accounts you want. As you know faceBot supports a huge number of accounts, to run either one after another (basic setup) or parallel (satellites).

Now your faceBot Extreme basic install & setup is complete and ready to run!

You may now delete faceBot Extreme setup file if you want.

Move on to Instructions on First Run to see how to install plugins for your game engine and avoid common mistakes.

Never uninstall bot to fix problems or to upgrade! Problems are solved otherwise, uninstalling will do nothing to fix them. Upgrades will always overwrite the existing botinstall, which is fine.