Satellite Manager – Run several Accounts parallel

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To run several Accounts parallel (“Satellites”) in fBX you first need to create little text-files with their Account Login-Info. This needs to be done only once.

Satellite Manager is a plugin to help you setting up your Satellite-Account-Files. Each file contains either one account (Option 1) or a list of several (Option 2) which you like to run parallel to the current active account.

Find SatelliteManager in FV_OpenUpdater and install. If you already did some txt-files for Satellites before, move them to the Folder “AccountLists” in your facebotExtreme folder. All your new Satellite files will be saved to that folder.

Satellite Basic Settings

Following steps only need to be done once.

General settings which apply to whatever Satellite is started next. Choose how many seconds you want bot to pause before starting a new cycle or before restarting your account(s) when all cycles are done.

Option 1: Setup a file with one Account

To generate a new file insert any filename you want like my-very-first-satellite.txt (do not forget proper ending: .txt) in the box, fill out email, pw of the account to run, cycles and engine and hit save. Your saved account files could also be loaded and altered any time.

Option 2: Setup a file with multiple Accounts (List) to cycle

To run more than one account parallel, you will mostly just use many separate files like in Option 1 above. However, sometimes it is useful to have only one Satellite file which makes bot cycle a list of accounts. For example run all your FV- or RS-Dummies, one by one, over and over. To achieve this, just add additional account lines to a file, like this:

In this example this satellite file will run each of my dummies 1 cycle only, then turn to the next one. Delete lines you don’t need with the red X.

Starting Satellites

After you are done with setting up files you can start your satellites or lists anytime. Go to fBX Menu >> fBXSatellites:


Usually you will choose Launch in fBX.

Choosing standalone works same, but allows to close fBX, satellite still will be running.

Drag the new Window to any place you like, best is right over your mains log-window, so you have all tabs for main (bot control) and Satellites right beneath each other.

Now click on the people-icon to add your account file:


Choose any of your files with account info from folder AccountLists:


Click run. Finished. If you got login errors, first check your data, password etc. closely to make sure there are no typos or spaces.

Specific Settings for your Accounts: All settings about which plugins and farms to run etc. are still done the usual way in FV_Settings or the settings of whatever engine you use.

Number of Satellites to run parallel: There is no max number of satellites you can run parallel. A common number is perhaps 2-4, most people should have no issues with 10 or more even, if needed. However your PC’s CPU and RAM need to be able to handle them, each additional one takes up resources, so just try it out.

Advanced Hint for Pros: Setting up different pauses

If you alter the pause in Satellite Settings, this change will only affect the next Satellites you start, which allows to set different pauses for each Satellite if needed. So, for example (this is only an example, you can run more or less or only dummies or only main etc. just like you wish), I could setup my bot like this:

  • Main: Run Farmville (FV), pause only 15secs after each cycle
  • Satellite file 1: Run my FV-dummy 2 cycles, switch to another FV-dummy, run this one 2 cycles, repeat. Pause 120secs between switch
  • Satellite file 2: Run a list of all my Royal Story (RS) dummies to send back gifts, each 1 cycle; but do a longer pause between them like 1800 seconds
  • Satellite file 3: Run my RS main, pause 180 secs between each cycle, since my crafts take 3minutes anyway

Note ALL this is happening parallel, there is bot started with main plus 3 Satellites which could run like this all day long. You could try all combinations except of course running same game, same account parallel. Make sure you also dont run 2 lists parallel with same account/game listed in it since the game will go OOS when accessed twice, be it manually or via bot.

Manual Edit of Account-Files

Note you also still can just open and edit your txt-files manually, without satellite manager. The correct format in there is:

1 is the number of cycles to run, FV (RS, CIV…) the engine.