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MakePicsFbX allows you the option to create picture easily to go with your posts by the use of item codes and images to combine to one picture   Click “Show/Hide Enhance List Image” to select items to input or enter … Continued


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  Open your bot Go to your FaceBot_Extreme folder  C:/faceBot_Extreme/ Look for facebotweb.exe Click on it until the black window stays open Now minimize the blackbox to your taskbar .   Rightclick the feather icon and pin to taskbar for … Continued


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UPDATE21/5  MS have now released 1903 Feature update we advise reading this before updating and do normal backup no know issues to bot at this stage (team have being using it awhile) UPDATE 11.12 Looks like 1809 is now finally being … Continued


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Transfer non-locked items between farms with or without shipping license. Click here to watch the video tutorial


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Requirments; empty post/slots in feature and The Frontier Trail Farm unlocked 1.Tick Run 2.Input amount 3.Save 4.Run the plugin to get parts & trade them 5. Load farm in browser click on feature beside neighbour bar then craft “recipes” at … Continued

fBX Settings

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Settings is the place where you set fBX pauses, webserver port, sound at end of cycle and Logfile format.

Moving Tabs and Theme Editor

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You can move (drag and drop) your tabs and windows inside bot around and place them where you want. Watch an older Video to give you an impression how it works (many things changed in current bot version, however drag … Continued

Update Server Down Issue

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If you got a popup saying “Update Server Currently Down” in most cases means you just can’t reach servers with bot. Down for everybody or just me? Go to to check. If you see a message saying “This is … Continued

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