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MS have now released 1903 Feature update we advise reading this before updating and do normal backup no know issues to bot at this stage (team have being using it awhile)

UPDATE 11.12

Looks like 1809 is now finally being pushed out to all systems this will fully resolve chrome error
Watch your updates and DO them
When done you should be on Version 18.09 OSBuild 17763.194

UPDATE 16.11

An Upgrade block in place this is why the 1809 update is not rolled too all systems yet see here for know issues from MS
We advise to check updates and do them as rolled to you , whilst it is comfirmed 1809 does “fix” chrome issue it may not be compatible with your system yet so you may need to wait until further updates are made for your system. 1803 is still getting needed updates do them

UPDATE 13.11 

Check your Windows 10 Updates
To manually check for Updates:select Start>>>Settings>>>>Update & Security>>>>Windows Update, and then select Check for updates. If updates are available, install them
Windows 10 October 2018 Update version 1809 Now Re-Released (Build 17763.134) This should fix FBX Chrome Error issues
Remember BACKUP your files as good practice to avoid lose data (reason why this update was pulled 1st time 😉 )
Also it will be a BIG update so depends on speed can take from 30mins to few hrs

You can grab 1809 from here  but its advised to wait untill MS rollout to you (CU will take it to OSBuild 17763.134 rereleased)

***Cumulative Update KB4467708 for anyone already on 1809 (there were 2 today this is newest) ***

UPDATE 25/10  Looks it will now be November before 1809 is resumed due to another files bug
Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Version 1809 File Overwrite Bug
For Anyone already on 1809 Microsoft recommend users to extract files from ZIP archives to new locations to avoid the bug,    New updates for 1803 out KB4462933 (OS Build 17134.376) didnt resolve , so continue to use workaround posted if needed

Update 18/10 It now looks like its a waiting game with Microsoft to release the update to hopefully solve this permanently

Taken from Inside Preview Changelist amongst other things listed is :

***We fixed several issues causing application compatibility problems with 3rd-party antivirus and virtualization products.


Please note, at this time if none of the things mentioned work, or work consistently, there is nothing more we can do. It is in Microsoft’s hands and hopefully they release fixes on Tuesday when they release a new set of patches. We DO NOT  recommend removing updates or Restoring to earlier point and blocking Updates (which unless done correctly will auto install anyway) these are need to prevent your files deleted when 1809 is ressumed. If u dont do them you take the chance lose data on 1809. Also unless you do the updates you wont know if resolved We can still use fBX with the workaround so check ur updates and do them 🙂

After the recent Windows Updates KB4458469 released on 9/20 (Build 17134.319)the same KB KB4458469 ver.2 was rereleased 9/24 (Build 17134.320) and the Patch Tuesday (Build 17134.345)
These releases caused error://chromewebdata/ error with plugins (apache dont run as firewall broke it ), other progams and drives also had issues

Windows Defender has 2 parts. It has Antivirus and has FIREWALL. Your Antivirus may only be doing AV, so your Windows Defender AV would be off, but your Firewall may still be on.

You need to reset your firewall settings in Windows. Under windows 10 go to settings, then search for firewall. Your firewall is Windows Defender Firewall. On the left hand side you will see Restore Defaults. Make sure you did not have faceBot Open. After you Restore Defaults reboot the machine. Then run faceBot. It should pop up asking if it’s okay to let things through the firewall. Say Yes. You must get the popups

If still blank plugins do File Exit Discard Layout and Retry


NOTE 1..If using a 3rd party firewall u may need to set rules  Set Firewall Rules for FBX

NOTE 2. Refer to your own firewall support software help on how to reset it (to many to list all )
Then Reboot to take affect

Links here for most common antivirus  How to set exceptions in your Antivirus for facebot

FYI  As your setting firewall to default you will need allow any program that needs through, they will reprompt just like facebot.

WORKAROUND IF  ABOVE DOES NOT SORT  (steps with pictures )

Go your fbx folder and click facebotweb exe, a blackbox shud popup (it might take few attempts to stay open) when it does  minimize to the taskbar and pin it for easy access then anytime u get chrome error  all u need do is click make sure it stays open then refresh your plugin and it shud be ok, If you close bot you’ll need reopen this if you have the chrome error and refresh that plugin