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What does this Plugin do (mainly)?

Plow, plant and harvest crops, harvest animals, trees, flowers and buildings.

Crops – Plow, Plant, Harvest


1 – You are on Crops tab – check plow, plant and harvest to do one or all those tasks.
2 – Override Seeds: Normally use this. Any Seed listed in override box will be planted first.
3 – Default Seeds: List of crops that will be planted if nothing else is left in override or to master (if auto-mastery is on). List can be like 10 strawberry, 10 agave, ….

Override/Default Boxes

Seeds are added by choosing each single crop in crops list below.

  • Mark Crop and use “-” to take one crop out of list
  • Use “clear” to delete whole list

4 – Auto Plant Mastery

Will plant all possible, unmastered crops automatically, according to filter selected.

Example: Seed by Mastery Time – Asc ( = ascending ) will plant those with shortest time to reach mastery first. Desc ( = descending) will plant those which take longest to master first.

No need to have anything in override or default list.

Force Overrides to Licensed Farm

Will try planting all crops listed in “override”-box only on the farms they are licenced for/restricted to. Will ignore if you set them to “any” (farm) or not.

Hide expired or not in Market: Filter to hide crops you can not plant.

Boosts: Use Fertilizer, Unwither, Farmhands or Arborists if needed. Be careful with Byplane, if 0 credits are showing flight will take cash!

Crops list:

There are three Tabs with Crops Lists: Mastered, Unmastered crops and crops without Mastery.

Find your Crop in list (use search function and/or filters), then choose “Override” or “Default” to add a specific crop to plant:

1 – Choose farm to plant crop on (choose any to plant on any farm)
2 – Check “do not harvest” if you don’t want bot to harvest that crop when it’s ripe. If checked you need to harvest these crops ingame.
3 – Insert number you want to plant


exclamation Bot will plant all kinds of crops except expired and unreleased. No need to gather seeds or to spend cash to buy a licence.

Usage of Vehicles

FV_Farmer will use your vehicles automatically. For example the highest upgraded Combine if you got something to plant & harvest. Or the highest Tractor if you only have plots to plow. Or a Seeder if there’s only crops to plant etc.
If you run out of fuel, bot will continue to work without vehicles. This will be slower: Only 8 crops per request instead of 64 or more.

Crop Status Tab

Shows Number of Crops planted, time of planting, time of ripening and percent complete (negative number means these are ripe since a long time ):



General Note on Animals and other Tabs: They show all available items ingame. New Items show, but won’t be checked for harvest automatically. So after enhance or when a new farm comes out, need to check what’s new & check if needed.

Animals Tab

Harvest animals on farm.
Check the animals to harvest & save:

Trees Tab

Harvest trees on farm.
Check the trees to harvest & save:

Flowers Tab

Harvest flowers on farm.
Check the ones to harvest & save:


Buildings Tab

Harvest Buildings.

Check the ones to harvest & save:

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