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 this plugin is similar to the harvest building option of FV_Farmer where we harvest all chosen RIPE buildings, without re-ripening them.

 plugin is useful in harvesting –

A) ’empty’ non-ripeable builds, like ferris wheels, bumper cars etc.
B) can also harvest buildings with contents like orchards and playpens, if it is only for harvest and not making them ripe again.

 buildings need to be ripe prior running to the plugin to harvest of rewards

 after harvest, buildings will need as much time required for ripening next time, as is needed in game

  if any previous version of the plugin is already existing in d bot, it is advised to delete it first, then install the new.

 we first load the farm which is to be harvested (fbX needs to be running on that same farm for the harvest)


 the building list of the chosen farm is generated, from where we choose which building to harvest.
the total number per type of build, and how many among them are ripe are shown in the plugin, we specify how many to harvest according to that.


 the generated rewards of the harvest for share (darts, turbos, seedlings, water cans etc depending on what building harvested) can be found on link plugins like FV_Links.

 what we get ourselves, like seedlings, cans etc, can be found in giftbox.

  the plugin works at 8 x speed without any other action like ripening, and therefore harvests large number of buildings very fast.