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 the plugin is used to

➨ verify data of all accounts in bot, and all their databases
➨ remove enhanced_Farmville.txt file
➨ deleting cookies
➨ rebuild databases
➨ rebuilding the image store when needed.

 TAB 1 is Data Tools


it gives information on how many id-s are there in bot, and how many databases in total are there.
we can ‘verify data’ and are notified once data verification is completed.


(if) any corrupt database which gets detected in the verification, will automatically be removed.


 TAB 2 is File Tools – it has 4 functions – removing enhance file, removing cookie files, removing main database files, and removing image database files


 cln6 removes enhanced_Farmville.txt file. when the ‘enhanced’ loop-error comes


 cln8 helps if bot is having difficulty to log in and grab farm information


 cln10 helps by writing data stores afresh, if for any reason the real names of items are missing, bot says ‘zero seeders on farm’ when you know for sure there are plenty of ripe seeders on farm, or not showing animals or trees in breeding building correctly.


 cln12 is used when images from bot are gone and image store needs to be rebuilt.


when databases or image stores are rebuilt, on next cycle log the fresh data is shown as it comes


NOTE: all these errors are rare, and not supposed to happen under normal circumstances, so only use the cleaning process if anything is really wrong and needs rebuild (generally, prompted). problems are largely avoided by running a cycle on any farm (to automatically update data) before setting a plugin to run there. also, too many start/stops without completing runs is to be avoided.

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