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There are TWO common, yet different issues with bot’s databases you can get:

1) Corrupt MAIN Databases – dealt with by REBUILD MAIN option in fv_cleaner
Signs: Bot restarts during an enhance, plugins lack item info. This affects ALL accounts, ALL similar plugins and ALL farms.

2) Corrupt INDIVIDUAL (account) Databases – dealt with by VERIFY DATA option in fv_cleaner
Signs: Affects only SOME accounts or SOME farms.

The most common cause FV_Cleaner can not delete databases is that you just ran bot and database is still opened

➨Click File Exit discard layout before cleaning or Reboot
➨Reopen fBX, do NOT start a cycle.
➨If possible turn off all plugins in FV_Settings before cleaning

the plugin is used to

➨ verify data of all accounts in bot, and all their databases
➨ remove enhanced_Farmville.txt file
➨ deleting cookies
➨ rebuild databases
➨ rebuilding the image store when needed.

 TAB 1 is Data Tools


it gives information on how many id-s are there in bot, and how many databases in total are there.
we can ‘verify data’ and are notified once data verification is completed.


(if) any corrupt database which gets detected in the verification, will automatically be removed.


 TAB 2 is File Tools – it has 5 functions – removing enhance file, removing cookie files, removing main database files,removing farm database files and removing image database files


cln6 removes enhanced_Farmville.txt file. when the ‘enhanced’ loop-error comes


cln8 helps if bot is having difficulty to log in and grab farm information also a good idea to clear if you changed passwords



Is your bot missing real names,farms not in correct order? try rebuilding the main database.
Then run a cycle to rebuild. Watch your log and make sure there are no errors, restarts and cycle runs fully through


Things not showing as ripe ? try clear farms to fix database
Remember you will need to run a cycle on each farm for the databases to update

cln12 is used when images from bot are gone and image store needs to be rebuilt.


when databases or image stores are rebuilt, on next cycle log the fresh data is shown as it comes


NOTE: all these errors are rare, and not supposed to happen under normal circumstances, so only use the cleaning process if anything is really wrong and needs rebuild (generally, prompted).

What causes Database Corruption ?

The problem is very rarely on Z* side (for example wrong coding in an enhance), sometimes on a plugin’s side (using outdated plugins which save data wrongly), but mostly it is related to either weak net/pc – for example net drop during enhance – or using fBX wrongly.
What can I do to prevent database corruption ?
– Make sure your permissions are set correct
– Keep your computer updated check for updates check for updates from windows
– Check for malware run scans ofen (we recommend malwarebytes free version is fine)
– Never x out bot while it is running. Stop it before and wait until it is fully stopped before closing the program.
– Avoid stopping fBX during a cycle if not necessary
– If you played in browser or used bot on a 2nd computer problems are largely avoided by running a cycle on that farm (to automatically update data) before setting a plugin to run there
– Avoid using ANY plugins which are NOT in FV_OpenUpdater or outdated plugins, best remove them entirely from bot, here is a list  of  no longer used
Don’t have too many plugins active in cycle, since some might even conflict with each other, only activate in fv settings what you really need.
– Also do not have too many plugin pages open at once or like several tabs of fv cleaner, you will get lots of errors if you have.
– If your pc is very old or your net is weak there is no remedy but to get better hardware/net, at some point. The more items Z* adds the harder it gets to play fv on old systems, be it in browser or with bot.

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