Old Plugins – what to use if something doesn’t work?

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Outdated plugins will give you errors or – even if working! – might corrupt your databases. See here which old been replaced by newer.

To uninstall/delete plugins go to fBX Menu: View – Plugins – Delete Plugin:


List of some old Plugins to remove:

  • AskLovePotions – function moved to FeatureLinks
  • AskQuestOR – function moved to Ask4Sh1t
  • CashCow – function moved to Nih_MoneyTree and farmchangerHarvestFbX
  • CoinReducer – function moved to gbToStorage
  • Craft_it_Dairy – use FV_CraftingBarns
  • DairyOR – use CoconutsMH or CurrencyGenerator
  • ExpandFarm_it – abandoned, use FV_MarketPlace  (left in for now remove if breaks)
  • farms – renamed to farms_info, remove the farms plugin they will not work if both are installed
  • ffGrooming – abandoned, function moved to FeatureLinks
  • FV_Sections – rewritten and replaced by FV_Organizer
  • FV_Voting – no longer working due to Facebook Changes.
  • FV_WallGrabber – no longer working due to Facebook Changes. Try FV_VirtualWallgrabber
  • FuelMH – abandoned, use FuelOR or FeatureLinks
  • GBSellSigns – use SellMySh1t or gbToStorage (Option: Sell from Giftbox >> Mastery Sign)
  • GL_GetCoins – currently replaced by karGetMeBillions which gets you much more coins; plugin will be back if karGetMeBillions gets patched
  • GL_Snips – function moved to scissor_it and FeatureLinks
  • GrowUpBean – currently abandoned, will perhaps be back
  • idfvTreeBreeder – abandoned, functions are covered by MasterTreeSh1t and other tree plugins
  • jc_Piles – function moved to ratzTurboPiler  and PositionProFbx
  • karSeederRoost – function moved to PositionProFbX  (run on Eldorado for Legendary Bird, on other farms for Chicken)
  • MultConsumium – use FarmConsumer
  • NK_PlacePens – use animaLFromGiftbox or gbToStorage to place locked animals
  • RipeOR (and RipeOR_Pen) – functions are completely covered/moved to BreedMySh1t
  • scissor_it – function moved to FeatureLinks
  • seedExclusive use FV_Farmer
  • SendPower – covered by SendAwesomeFbX
  • sell_signs – function moved to gbToStorage (sell mastery signs option)
  • shareBushelFbX use BushellOR
  • SK_ExpanderFarm – use FV_MarketPlace
  • Superplow – function moved to ratzTurboPiler and PositionProFbx
  • QuestsManagOR – functions moved to 1) AutoQuester (quests, crafts etc.) and 2) Crops_it (harvest for leaderboards, bushels etc.)
  • QuestsReactivatOR – function moved to AutoQuester
  • zFVLinkz – abandoned

Important: Remove FV_Updater and FV_HackUpdater if you still have them. Both are replaced by FV_OpenUpdater now!

For new update procedure (how to update Engine/Settings etc.) look at tutorial here.

Plugins not working at all:

  • AliceAdLinks will return if becomes Active again
  • alsMysTress – patched
  • ItemsAreSh1t – patched
  • alsKGUTHG – patched
  • StationeryLinks – not working/feature ended; current working features are in FeatureLinks
  • PregnantSow – not working/feature ended
  • FV_AvgHack – patched
  • FreeOrchards – patched
  • SuperPlots – patched
  • CashSh1t – patched
  • alsBarnHouseTrader – not working/feature ended
Ty Brenda and Kim for assistance on this List!