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BushelOR will allow you to

  • Get bushels for yourself (they go to your Market Stall) or
  • Re-share your bushels instantly to friends; these will vanish from your Market Stall, you only get links

Limits: It will generate up to 300 bushels per account per day.

When you open the plugin you should see a full bushel list. It is no longer necessary to click save to show bushels.


If there are no bushels showing…

a) … check if more than one filter is set at the same time – then you won’t see any bushels; choose none & click save in all filters or click Clear Settings to reset all settings.
b) …. try running bot a cycle, FV_Crafter (which works closely together with BushelOR) turned on, then go to BushelOR, refresh the plugin’s page and hit Clear all Settings.
c) …. if nothing works, use FV_Cleaner, hit delete data.sqlite and let bot run a full cycle, all plugins turned off, to rebuild your database info.

Basic Settings


Most important: Uncheck Share bushels to only get bushels for yourself, check it if you only want to make links. The bushels you get will be shared instantly then, the links you find in FV_Links plugin.

You need enough space in your Market Stall, no matter if you make links or not. All bushels will go to your Market Stall first and also be shared from there.

Display Filters

There are several filters to only show certain bushels in the list:

Subtype: Certain categories like Flowers, Grains and Village (= Farmer’s Square)

Lab Specific: Horsehall bushels, Bonsai bushels, Dreamdeer bushels etc.

Farm Specific: Bushels assigned to experiment gates, which are farms or farm-like-features. Note this is not a pure “farm” filter – sometimes need to look after shortname (here: xma = Avalon) to see farm-related bushels.

A useful additional recipe filter can be set in advanced display options:

To use this filter, first setup FV_Crafter: Check all the recipes you want to make in FV_Crafter and run it a cycle. Then check option “Display only bushels selected in FV_Crafter for crafts” in BushelOR, save, and you see only the bushel-types needed for your recipes.

BushelOR works closely together with the FV_Crafter plugin. If your silo info (gathered from all your farms) is incorrect, let FV_Crafter run on all your farms to update.

Setting amounts and getting Bushels


Enter amount of bushels to get, save, run the plugin. Note there will be no warning in log if a) your Market Stall is full or b) you hit the daily limit of 300 bushels. So if no bushels arrive in your Stall or if you don’t get links, check if this is the reason.

Making bushels for Farmer’s Square

To create Farmer’s Square Bushels make sure you
– run BushelOR on Farmer’s Square farm (normally any bushel can be done on any farm, this is the only exception)
– have a Market Stall on this farm
– have enough space in Market Stall as well as in Farmer Square’s inventory

These bushels could as well be shared to others.