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What does this Plugin do?

This plugin will craft recipes of all kind, manage bushels and buy/turn in goods from neighbors.

arrow_right You need to have bushels first to produce recipes.

Update info: Run bot a cycle, then refresh plugin to get current data of your farms, market stall etc.

Basic Settings

First check Settings tab:

The 2 basic settings to craft recipes are remove (finished recipes) and start (new recipes):

Choose crafting building and recipes

Then choose farm and craft building you want to run, here Atlantis – Bakery:

All bushel types you have enough of already will show green, the others red.
Example: Whoopie Thistle 3/4 means you need 3 bushels and got 4. If all are red you need to get bushels first with BushelOR or Crops_it.

Check box in column “Create” to schedule the recipe for creation. It will be created as soon as you got enough bushels for it.

You can also choose other buildings like Lab Buildings, Craft Workshop etc.

Tab Where’s it cooking gives you an overview over current recipes in progress – if you started recipes ingame, fv_crafter needs to run a cycle on that farm to get info first.

Optional: Finish Recipes instantly

Check Start New Crafts and Finish Recipes instantly in Settings to let FV_Crafter instant craft all recipes: