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This plugin will harvest any ripe crop to another crop type of your choice. Use it for quests or to get lots of bushels. Does same like former QuestsManagOR, BUT will allow to have a whole list of crops to harvest all in one cycle.

So it’s ideal to get huge amounts of bushels, fast. There is no limits on these apart from space in market stall and ripe crops on your farms.

exclamation Masteries: Harvesting with Crops_it will not count for mastery of the chosen crop, but for the original crop. So you get a) mastery points for original crop and b) bushels for chosen crop.

Example: I planted Vanilla Vine on my farm, set Crops_it to harvest Acorn Squash = I will get mastery points for Vanilla Vine, but bushels for Acorn Squash.


The plugin requires ripe crops on your farm. Plant crops with FV_Farmer, make sure harvest is unchecked! Best is to plant crops ready in 10mins (currently fastest) like White Anthuriums. Example FV_Farmer:

Farm settings and Info

You need to run the plugin on a farm where you got ripe crops (check in FV_Settings). Current farm and settings for different farms in Crops_it:


Run bot a cycle with plugin not set to run to update info of current farm like planted crops, ripe crops and space in market stall:


Crop type will only show if you happen to have ripe crops. Market Stall info:



Insert amounts of each crop you like to harvest for quests, leaderboards or to get bushels from, check run and save:

Search for crops you need with the find-box at the lower left bottom:


Deduct amounts when harvesting: The number set will be zero again after harvesting, plugin will disable after run (= one-time harvesting).
If you want to repeatably harvest same amount of crops on the chosen farm leave that unchecked.

Example of working log: