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This plugin is the fastest and most efficient way to harvest old stable, new stable, and dairybarn. 

 it needs ripe horses (33.3% and above) for stable, and cows (100%) for dairy barn as seeders

 run on d farm where u got stable/dairy n refresh plug, then from dropdown menu u see list of build to load


 choose build n click show


information of the building chosen to show will load, to show build capacity, number of usable seeders, available free space, content and mastery state of animals inside.


mark the checkbox and put number how many harvests to make (number must be less than/equal to number of available usable seeders)

 as per setting and content of the build harvests will be done, and rewards will be shown in log


same way for dairy barn also


 harvested links are shareable from fv_links and XP, arborist, farmhands accumulate in GB

to remember –

  • to get foal, keep stallion along with the horses being bred inside stable
  • keep one space empty in building, for seeder
  • number of harvests cannot exceed number of usable seeders
  • dairy barn gives one calf per day, so for sharers who need to share calves, use playpen on BMS while for mastering cows fast, use this plugin.