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This plugin will run your horses through the stable and create links for foals to share. You will need many seeders (= ripe horses) on your farm and they only need to be 34% ripe to run stable.

Note: Prior to running this plugin you should run 1 blank cycle to make sure you are on correct farm.



  1. Click on Enable Plugin
  2. Enter number of seeders you want it to use. Note: if you put a zero “0” in this box it will run til it uses all seeders on the farm.
  3. Select building you want to use
  4. Click on Save Settings.

After you click on save settings a list will appear that will show you what animals you have in stable.

To enable this plugin to run in FV_Settings:

  1. Select Enable/Disable Plugins then
  2. Uncheck CoconutsHM
  3. Uncheck FV_Links
  4. Click on Save Settings

Example of Working Log:


A note on this plugin:

This plugin uses horses that are at least 34% ready, they do not have to be 100%/


Your links in FV_Links will look like the following, this is a farmhand reward:

links in coconuts