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This plugin uses ripe Orchards with only 1 tree in it. Trees you want to master have to be on your farm. You will get seedlings & links from your harvests. It does add bonuses from groves.

Here is what it doesn’t do:

  • Doesn’t use trees in storage or giftbox
  • Doesn’t use locked trees – if tree can’t be put on farm, it’s not used
  • Doesn’t ripen the orchards – Use BreedMySh1t to ripen them again

Preparations & suggested setup of farm

Note: The plugin will run with whatever other setup, but requiring 1 ripe orchard on farm at least.

To make most out of this plug, it’s best to setup your farm like this:

  • Have some orchards with 1 tree in it only. All orchards with space in it (best: 1 tree in it only) will be used for mastery.
  • Have all other orchards on your farm either completely empty or completely full. These will not be used for mastery.
  • Best place groves around orchards to boost mastery
  • Place all trees to be mastered on farm
  • Have some seeders (ripe trees) on farm to re-ripen orchards (do so with BreedMySh1t)

Plugin works the other way round than BreedMySh1t: It will move all your trees to be mastered from one ripe orchard to next ripe orchard, 39 a take – or however much space you have in orchards – harvesting each orchard.

Example, 10 orchards with groves:


With double mastery statue this will get around 150 mastery points, per tree, in one cycle.

Then re-ripen orchards with BreedMySh1t (BMS) – make sure you set only 1 cycle per orchard in BMS; also check Do No Harvest Building in BMS Additional Settings!

Then run MasterTreeSh1t another cycle. Result: All 39 trees are mastered 0-450 in 3 cycles, taking 10 Mins at max. If you tune your setup, get some more orchards & groves this could be sped up even more.

More Examples (both with double mastery statue):
Master 39 Trees in 1 cycle: Have 25 orchards with groves ALL around = 25×18 points = 450 points per cycle
Master 39 Trees in 2 cycles: Have 13 orchards with groves ALL around = 13×18 points = 234 points per cycle

Note these are just examples. You can use fewer orchards or less groves, this will only take longer then.

Basic Settings

Plugin will only use ripe orchards, so make sure all your orchards with space in it are ripe.


  • Maximum Orchards to Use Per Cycle:
    Set a higher number if you want to use all ripe orchards on farm. Set it to lower numbers if you only want to use some of your orchards.
  • Use Orchards with at least x Capacity: Skips orchards with less than 20, 30, 40.. capacity.



  • Number of Orchards Meeting Capacity
    Shows how many orchards with more than x (20,30,40) capacity you have on farm, doesn’t check if ripe or not – check log to see how many ripe orchards are actually used!
  • Maximum Number of Trees
    Plug will move/master only this number of trees, depending on the orchard which got the LEAST space in it. If the number seems too low, check your farm and make sure all orchards to use are having 39 space.
    Completely fill or empty all other orchards you don’t like to use.

Example: If you have 90 orchards completely filled or empty, 9 orchards with 39 space left and one orchard with only 1 space left the plugin will only move ONE tree! If you fill the orchard with 1 space completely, the plugin will no longer recognize it and move 39 trees through your 9 orchards instead.

Setting Trees to master

Enable all trees you want to master – it’s ok to check a higher number/amount than max number of trees; the plug will automatically only take max number (like 39), randomly de-selecting superfluous trees from the list.