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  As of January 1, 2015, all plugins will now be stored  in FV_OpenUpdater. There is no longer a FV_Updater and Updates to the engine will be handled within FV_Settings or a big pink stripe with red lettering that says Update Available across most plugins.

This plugin is where you will now find all  plugins now. You can update, install or repair the needed plugins. There are 2 sections.

The first is the Base/Supported plugins: These are mostly doing basic tasks which you also could do ingame. Like planting, harvesting, moving things, handling your giftbox items etc.

The other is 3rd Party/Glitch Plugins: Most are developed by 3rd party developers. Some of these will do things you can not do ingame (based on glitches), for example BreedMySh1t allows to ripen all kinds of buildings.

Base/Supported Plugins:

supported final

  1. Click this to get new information to refresh all information in the plugin
  2. Signifies that the plugins listed are  Base/Supported Plugins
  3. Click this button to get to 3rd Party/Glitch Plugins
  4. The name of the plugin developer
  5. Changelog(shown below) Shows the version and the changes in that version
  6. This tells you the version you have installed
  7. Short explanation of what the plugin does
  8. Shows available versions of the plugin


supported change log

This shows the version and the changes made in that version


3rd Party/Glitch Plugins:

3rdparty final

  1. Shows you are in the 3rd Party/Glitch Plugins
  2. Encoded/Obfuscated: This means that the coding that it takes to write the plugin is hidden or “scrambled”
  3. Install: This means that this plugin is available to be installed (denoted by a green box that  says  Install on it)
  4. Repair: This means that the plugin is installed and if need be can be repaired with this button. It always says repair, that means the plugin is installed (denoted by a  blue box that says repair)
  5. Upgrade/Downgrade: This means that there is an update available for that plugin (denoted by a red box that says Upgrade/Downgrade)