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What does this Plugin do?

Generates a) Ask-Links like Gopher, Bingo, b) repeatable Links like SDs, Fuel, Super Fertilizer, c) Quest and Redeem Links for current features. Share Links or let Dummies click.

0) Prepare: Turn off Autopost in FB Settings

For this plugin and others like Ask4Sh1t you will want to turn off Autopost (“post on my behalf”) in your facebook settings, else some links will give errors. Goto Account Settings:


Then goto Apps – Click Edit Settings beneath Farmville, then uncheck post on your behalf by unchecking the blue arrow:


Then this permission should be gone.

1) Basic Settings

Check Run, Disable and (optional) update Amounts if you want plugin to update item amounts at the end of run:


Do not update timestamp:

This option is rarely needed. If checked Links will not expire, so you could do same link over and over – this will not give you more clicks! Check if unsure if Dummies are really clicking, so you could do same Link on next cycle.

Let Dummies click:

If you just want to make links to share leave that unchecked. If you want to get items yourself, check that, then click Show Table and choose Dummies from List:


Save Settings, then set Links you want below. All Links are saved in FV_Links, no matter if dummies click or not. So you also could let a dummy click, then post your link on feed after that if there’s still clicks on it.

2) Choose Links to make

There are different types of Links.

1) Most common are non-glitched Links to ask for things:


There are mostly 5 clicks on each, only, and a waiting time of 4-8h after that. If you asked ingame already, need to wait until ask-option is available again to use the plugin.

If timestamp is updated, you will see the time you asked last. So if for example 7 Hours is showing and you can ask every 6h, should be possible to ask again.

2) Next category are glitched/repeatable Links

Here are 3 different Link types:

a) Normal repeatable Links like SD, Super Fertilizer, Fuel

Only the account which clicks gets these items! Run FeatureLinks on a Dummy for these and have main clicking.


b) Give one Get one Links

Both accounts get the item once clicked, so normally you will run FeatureLinks on Main and have dummies or friends clicking them.


In the example you will get 5 items from each dummy clicking, so it’s 25 max. In case you need even more, run the plugin to generate more links on a dummy and let your main click.

c) Quest Item Links

Sometimes there will be quest item Links in plugin, like here for Bob’s berry farm:


They are also Give one get one, so both accounts will get the item, plugin normally runs on Main. You can do 99 max of these, just like in Ask4Sh1t, unlimited quest item option! Make sure to let bot run a full cycle before sharing. FeatureLinks will first add all your links to FV_Links, then record them (updating timestamps) to make them valid. If the recording process is interrupted or not working out, they will only have 1 click on it instead of 5.

Some of these links – like SDs – are really unlimited, others might have a daily limit to claim.

3) Get Links by Redeeming Baskets

Sometimes FeatureLinks will have options for current “basket” features. These Links are different from everything else. They are generated by redeeming items. Example:


First you need to have lots of items to redeem (here: masks). Instant Craft those with AutoQuester or other plugins before.

To get Links to share you most likely want to choose lowest amount (here: 20 Masks) to redeem.

Set number of times to redeem. In the example you will get 1 link for 20 masks, so here for 3 links you need 60 masks.

4) Overview Items

At the end of plugin page there’s an overview of Items you have: