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Ask4Sh1t is a plugin which helps us get all ‘ask’ items from dummies in bot.
it works with ● Stamps, ● Quests, ● FarmStands ● Voting and ● Quests Unlimited

 plugin will automatically detect when new items come, and then keep track of number of items, time of ask, and what is completed when.

 the plugin works by ‘asking’ the items from friends, as in game, and dummies which have been run in last 7 days on bot answer that help request.

to begin with:

 “Post on your behalf” in facebook for Farmville should be turned off

 need dummies with which there is no ‘claiming issue’ so that help registers

 those dummies should have run on bot at least once in last 7 days

 for categories like Quest and farmstand there are time restrictions as per game, like a waiting period of 3 hours after ask for help has been generated once, before next help link can be created

 time restrictions are there on clicking/helping ids also, like after helping once, even before helping on new item, there is a waiting period of every 3 hours with farmstand.

the plugin when we open, has 5 tabs –


for each, we get option to set run, can see item and time information.
when all three are set to run, and kept running, the SmartPlug will generate links as needed/allowed, and keep getting clicks from dummies, which can help then.

The following explanations and illustrations are examples based on sample events, reward items are all dependent on whatever is current in game at any point of time

 Stamps – plugin can ask help for all ‘countdown’ items that have been ‘unlocked’ as on that day in game for free. there is no waiting period or restriction on helping in this one.
after it is completed, can be REPLAYED once to get all rewards a second time.



 Quests – the ‘ask items’ which are needed to complete a task, can be helped with by dummies which can help, restrictions apply according to stage of quest/completion and progress to next one etc exactly same as in game.

a4s4 a4s5 a4s6

 FarmStand rewards which we have to ask help from friends can be asked for (fresh link) every 3 hours. conversely, the id helping once, can help again after 3 hrs

a4s7 a4s8 a4s9

 Voting rewards which we have to ask help from friends can be asked for one of the 2 options of each stage of the vote.

a4s10 a4s11 a4s12

 Quests Unlimited feature can ask for (and get) ‘ask items’ needed for quests.

the process also works by giving and getting, on whichever ID clicked from.
therefore 2 factors we need to keep in mind – some dummy will not work, where claiming problem is there between main and dummy in game, and if main id clicks for dummy, then also it can earn the clicking reward counting towards its collection.

we can choose any number of links to be generated for each item, not exceeding 100 (it will not save beyond 100, as only last 100 links do not expire in game)


shareable link also comes via fv links, which can be posted, and friends who click to help, will get their reward item too.

 there may be initial warning for removing existing old plugins

  • AskQuestOR
  • FarmStanSh1t and
  • StampMySh1t
    for those users who already have any of them, and that needs to be done before installing this plugin


 the SmartPlug auto adjusts time and item for ask, in all 3 modules, given the various requirements and restrictions in game on ask and help, so we just need to keep it running, and it will ask relevant item at correct time and get help from dummies which have been run on bot in last 7 days and can help.

 the links from quest and farmstand come in FV_Links and can be posted from there for additional help from friends

 enjoy the reward items while plug helps with the asks, happy farming