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 this plugin sends out neighbour requests to specified FBIDs

 we need to mark the checkbox to enable, and put FBIDs of whom we wish to send the request in the textbox.

when sending out requests to multiple IDs, put a comma ( , ) between each as instructed in the plugin


click the ‘save settings’ button, and plugin will show whom the FBID (s) belong to, and we can check (and correct, if needed) for any mistake


in the upcoming cycle, the requests are sent to the respective FBIDs


 after the sending, whoever it is sent to, needs to accept the request.


prior to sending, it is suggested that both the sender and the receiver check they are not neighbours already. if they are, from either side, remove neighbour before sending new request.

NOTE: 300 is the limit of neighbours allowed by Zynga, if you reach limit, remove from old to make space to add new.

enjoy new neighbours, visiting their farms (and harvesting rewards) and solve as many ‘claiming issues’ as possible.