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The plugin levels up accounts automatically to level 250 using coins to get cash per valid level up.

FV Players get fv cash per levelup till level 250 and for maximum 50 level ups per day. If an account is leveled up for more than 50 levels in a day, the player won’t get fv cash for each levelup after 50 levelups in a day.

The plugin buys farmstands and sells them to gain 10 xp each farmstand. You need plenty of coins to level up and there are few methods to get coins easily, for example KarGetMeBillions plugin. You need 10+ million coins per level. Ex: 50 level – 500,000,000 coins

How to Use the Plugin

You need to check Run , input amount in Maximum Levels Per Day, and then press Save button. Once you set settings, you don’t need to change settings after every daily level up. You only need to run bot with the plugin enabled 24 hours after the plugin last levelups. 


  • It is recommended to set 48 instead of 50 in Maximum Levels Per Day to ensure that you get FV cash for each levelup till level 250.
  • You cannot run the plug after it reaches level 250
  • Once set , do not change amount for 24 hours as the plug will start leveling up the next cycle ignoring the previous runs.


Screenshot_17Working Log