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 alzTreeMaker makes any tree we want from any seedling we have. 

requirements – seedlings in GB (or giftbox), watering cans in GB, space at 0,0 area of farm, and (preferably) seedling nursery so that link for each tree grown can be shared to 5 people instead of 1.
trees grown without nursery remain on farm, trees grown in nursery go in GB (and can be used/unLocked in other farms if necessary)


links that are produced can be collected/exported from FV_Links


the features and options in the plug we can set as per convenience –

 run & disable – to make the plugin run, we mark run. disable after that run means plugin runs on one cycle to make specified trees, then stop. if that isn ot marked, keeps making specified trees on subsequent cycles



 alt4 as stated in requirements, we need adequate seedlings and water cans in GB


 alt5 incase we making trees only for share and do not wish to keep all trees in GB, can choose to sell them when grown.


 instead of loading the entire page of tree list, we can alt6 and ‘save’

this takes us to the code list module




 when NOT in code-module we can still filter trees to show on basis of mastery and level.
images, when not loaded, speed up page by making it lighter and list becomes shorter with only names too



 there are some trees which cannot be made (example – Nutty Ice Cream Cone Tree – 91k and Giant Nutty Ice Cream Cone Tree – 91l)

for them we can just give code and get them hidden, again, there needs to be space between codes



  to search by ‘date’ (format – mm/dd/yyyy)
▶ when we write ONLY a specific date, the trees (if any) on that date, will show up.


▶ using greater than sign (>) before date – only trees that came that date onwards will show up


▶ using less than sign (<) before date – all trees that came till before the given date and ALSO trees without timestamp (unless added in hidden list) will show up


so in a nutshell, by marking tree from list, or giving its code, or clicking add button on recent trees we can make any tree we want for self and share if we have seedlings and water cans in GB and using nursery enables sharing each link to 5 friends

  happy farming, happy tree making/sharing