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BuyAwesomeFbX buys and places specified items on the different farms 

Users need to choose farm(s) and in the number box next to each farm name, put number how many of the items to put.

In the box for item(s) put the itemName of what to buy. When buying multiple items, separate each itemName with a delimiter

There are 2 types of criteria for buying/placing in farmville:

 Where there is a restriction of ONLY ONE of that item allowed on a farm.
Eg, money tree, cash cow etc. for such items, the setting will be –

The plugin skips farms that already have one of such items and goes to the next farm automatically.

 Where we can place multiple of the chosen item on a farm. Eg, normal trees, animals, decoration items, buildings etc.

The plugin places the specified number of items on the respective chosen farms.


For items that have restriction of only one allowed per farm, mostly need to ensure there is not any lurking in the giftbox also. first get rid of/place the one from GB, if any, then run plugin.

If wishes were fishes…

Enjoy the plugin, for ease of placing items on different farms