MaterialLinkOR and MaterialLinkORAutoMod

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These two plugins will get you unlimited parts, materials, special deliveries etc. by asking dummies ( = alternate Accounts). They also ask for some things which usually are crafted. So check MaterialLinkOR before you craft.


Requires FV_GiftGrabber activated in FV_Settings, additionally:



1) You need to have at least 1 dummy (second) account.
2) You need to have FV_GiftGrabber set to accepts gifts on both accounts, main and dummy, like this:


Set pause to 0 on all accounts to achieve max speed. Also make sure that looping is unchecked.

3) Setup MaterialLinkOR:

a) check all dummies you want to ask:


b) insert amounts of materials you need:


Then save Settings.

If you got 2 dummies, 10 materials set, it will ask both dummies. So you get 20 materials per cycle.

Getting always more than you expected? Sometimes you get triple materials from inactive dummies (Z* bonus), just like ingame!

4) If it is the first time you are using the plugin, run bot 1 cycle on all your dummies first. All accounts need to run at least once a week to get fresh login cookies.

5) Run MaterialLinkOR on your main account. Main will ask your dummy for materials, the dummy will send him mats back.


If you get Errors like: “No Queue-Url Found, Gifts are not accepted” or simply don’t get any gifts run FV_GiftGrabber on your dummy account(s) before.

Or use satellites and run both accounts parallel (this is not required, but may speed things up).

If nothing helps, open your dummies in browser and clear their envelopes by accepting gifts OR ignore all requests via Games >> Activity >> Requests in facebook:



Requires FV_Tools and FV_GiftGrabber activated.

First open FV_Tools – Builder tab, check the buildings you want to build or upgrade, run a cycle.

MaterialLinkORAutoMod requires no further setup (except checking Run), but will just auto-calculate the amount you need, then ask needed materials from dummies:

AutoMod is asking all your dummies, like shown in list. The AutoMod version is very useful if you let bot run alone some hours. The more dummy-accounts you have, the faster it gets you needed materials.