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What does this Plugin do?

Buys items from Market and places them on your farm.

This plugin will take farm cash if you choose to buy fvcash items!

1) Find the item you want to buy. Search function lists all items ingame in case you are not sure what letter to search for. Plugin can only buy what is coded to be available in current market (check ingame if unsure what that is)!
2) Hit Purchase:

In the upcoming pop-up:

3) Choose the farm you want to place it; if only one farm shows = item is limited to that farm
4) Set the amount


After you set the amount, farm to place and hit buy, should look like this:

If you made a mistake and don’t want to buy an item, use the X to clear it again:4_x-out-stuff

After you saved your setttings and made sure the plugin is activated in FV_Settings, run fBX. All items will be placed on farm, starting with trying to do so in the lower (left) corner. Remember you need to run the account on the right farm to place your item(s).