FV_WallGrabber – Tutorial

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What does this Plugin do?

FV_WallGrabber will click on all kind of farmville-links on feed to collect items from friends or to help them.

Just like in FV_Voting you need to accept the fbxhelper app on facebook for this plugin to work. Link:


Then first run bot a cycle so the plugin gets populated with links.

Basic Settings

Pause: 1 or 2 seconds should be ok. If you experience problems, set a higher pause.

Max Items in GiftBox: Set a high number. Rewards will not go to your giftbox if you have less space than set.

Check items/tasks you need

Then check what you need, eg all FarmStandRewards, and Save settings:


Use Check the Words to mass-check types of items, use Check all to check all ( exclamation not recommended because of Z* daily limits to grab items from feed).

Use the find-box in lower left corner of plugin page to find certain items or tasks:


Last, but not least make friends, not enemies… most of the things your non-botting friends have to grab from feed you get way faster with bot and without stressing your limit anyway! So best use FV_Wallgrabber to help/give, not to take, mainly.