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This plugin –

 places coin purchase (buildable) buildings on farms

 adds materials or SD boxes (from GB) to build them to level 1

after opening the plugin, we see list of buildings, their coin-prices, materials needed etc.
we have to find what we wish to build (search box is very useful and saves us from scrolling through whole list) and put number how many of it we wish to build.

 we need to have required parts for building, or adequate SD boxes in giftbox

 if there is any unfinished building of what is chosen to be built, either delete it or finish it before running plugin

 some buildings are farm-bound, they can only be placed or built on their designated locations.


 after selection done, we can verify once if it is done correct from idb4button.


 plugin automatically detects parts needed, what we have, and as per requirement uses SD boxes to make what is needed.

 rewards for share can be found in link plugins


 NOTE: to upgrade the buildings beyond level 1, use FV Tools BUILDER TAB