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PF_FarmInfo is an Info Plugin. It does no actions in the Game, but shows Stats of your Farm like:

1) Progress on current Theme Quests


Also divides the Seeds needed to finish a stage through the available outputs (1x, 3x, 8x etc.).

2) Player Info


3) Stash – Giftbox – Items on Farm – Storagefarminfo2


Can sort Categories after Prot, Daily Bread etc. Click on Columns to sort items!


4) Repeater Tab

The repeater tab shows repeaters on Farm (F), in Giftbox (GB) and in Storage (S) with

  • Output per Harvest (bold number)
  • Max Daily total Output (PD, first number in brackets)
  • Max Output per Day and Tile (PDT, second number in brackets)

Example below explaining per Day/Tile:

Medium Carney Tent gives 30 tickets a day max, but takes 9 tiles for that. So it got an output of 30/9 = 3.33 Tickets per Day and Tile. Large Carney Tent gives an Output of 5 Tickets per Day and Tile, so it is better.

>> More daily output does not always mean the repeater is better, if it takes up alot of space it is worse than a repeater with lower output, taking up less tiles. Compare repeaters with PDT number.



Use Search Function at bottom of Plugin Pages to search for specific Output.

Insert Search Term into the box and hit Next. Example Pot Heads: