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PF_Neighbors visits your Neighbor’s Farms


1) Tick Run Plugin (and disable if you want it to disable after one cycle)

2) Set number of Neighbors to visit
0 or empty field will visit all your Neighbors in one Cycle (make sure to bring enough time for this, with 1k+ neighbors this can take couple hours!)

3) Save Settings, then Run Bot


Working Log:



Updating Last Visit and Next Visit Timestamps


a) Initial (very first) Run is used to gather Last and Next Visit Timestamps. A correct timestamp for next visit is only set if there is also a chore to do. If there are no chores to do, plugin will set next visit to 2h in the future, then try again.

b) It is always good to let bot cycles finish before stopping, but for this plugin it is especially advised. If plugin is stopped during cycle, while still visiting neighbors, current timestamps are not saved. That means, the plugin needs to visit these neighbors again on next run.


After all neighbors have been visited, last and next visits show in the overview:


From now on plugin will check if it’s time for next visit and only visit when it is (past) time.


Additional Settings and Troubleshooting:

  • Too many neighbors, list takes long to load? To speed up loading time of plugin page tick “Hide Neighbors Overview” and Save Settings to hide the Neighbor’s list
  • Timestamps are all wrong or want to start over? Go to your C: Drive – facebot_Extreme >> PotFarm >> plugins >> PF_Neighbors folder. Search the file YOURFBID_neighbors_visited.txt and delete it. That will delete all current last visit and next visit timestamps in the list. After that plugins needs to visit all your neighbors. Like in initial cycle they should have ready chores to do.
  • Users with many (1k+) neighbors: Best set to 500-1000 neighbors per cycle, not more and do not tick disable, so it goes on until all neighbors are visited.


Current Notes of Developer:

  • This plugin is in Beta and needs further testing. If issues please state those in our Support Chat