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RS_Cleaner fixes major engine-problems, mostly by rebuilding databases. Use ONLY if you have the issues mentioned on plugin page, no need to clean frequently.


All information about your kingdom will be cleaned from your computer. On next run, Royal Story Engine will get current information from game. Plugin will delete databases. It will not delete plugin’s settings or any account info (email, pw etc.).

1) Delete enhanced_RoyalStory.txt: Only use this when you got an enhanced-message in log over and over again (looping).

2) Delete Datastores: Insert FBID (example: 10000123456) to clear only one Account.

3) Most times button Delete everything is best choice:

a) Turn off all plugins in RS_Settings for quicker rebuilt.

b) Hit button twice to make sure all is gone.

c) Run bot a full cycle to download xmls and rebuild all info.

 Any red error message after hitting a button is OK, like this one: