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A plugin to help you manage Fishing Dock (fish, craft bait, finish orders).

1) Information Tab

Shows some Info on current Amount of Fishing Coins, Fishing XP, Upcoming Rewards (those for hitting a certain number of points; some rewards need to be accepted ingame) and you Fishing Tables.


2) Fishing Tab

The most important tab, where you set how much bait to use for fishing. Once set bot will fish until number is 0 again.

  • Don’t set more bait than you have, example 3×300 = 900, have: 5930, so this amount is OK.
  • Bot will first use all bait set for page 1, if number is 0, move on to page 2 (if already opened), then to page 3 etc.
  • Bot will only use opened pages. If you have to craft a hook to open a page, go ingame and craft it first.


3) Crafting Tab

Lists all crops and fruits to have to craft basic bait. Set number you want to use for bait and save:


In the example I will get 2×200 and 3×150 bait, using 200 tomatoes and 150 carrots.

4) Order Tab

Usually you will check Automatically Complete Orders here.

Also it shows which fish you still need to complete an order.

Also it will show you bonuses, once these are active.