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“RS_Settings is the brain plugin” (Nena)  – providing all basic settings to run the engine.

Basic Info

Engine version, debug and pause (not working for RS!):


Leave all boxes unchecked except you know what you’re doing.


Enable (= run) and disable (= don’t run) plugins:

Checked plugins will not run, all unchecked plugins will.

If you miss plugins, go to Bot Menu: View – Plugins, doubleclick RS_Updater to open it. Then install all further plugins via RS_Updater.

General Settings

Timezone: Set it to your timezone to get proper date in logs.

Secure Browsing: Most likely needs to be checked, since the game only works with secure browsing (https).

Output Logs: Choose after which time botlogs are deleted.
Logs are saved in folder: C: – facebot_Extreme – RoyalStory – RoyalStory-Logs.

DateFormat: Do not touch.

Loot/Reward Chance and Bot Speed:


Update: Loot/Reward Chance option does NOT work any longer, so just leave it at Default!

Bot Speed: Leave at 13, no need to change!

Accounts and Proxy Settings

Accounts are added – just like for FV engine – in the central bot account settings. Go to fBX Menu >> View >> Accounts:


Activate/enable account and Royal Story. In RS_Settings your accounts will show like this:


Mark an account and click the minus (-) to remove it.

Proxy Settings: Leave empty except you know exactly what you are doing!