Setting up Charles to https

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If you never used Charles, also read the beginner’s tutorial. Since most facebook-apps will use https soon, here some easy steps to log these games with Charles as well.

To set up Charles to log games via https you only have to do 2 steps:

1) Install Charles’ Certificate in your browser.

Firefox: If not done yet, enable Charles (Extras –> Charles):


Install SSL Certificate (Extras –> Charles):


(Check option “Trust this CA to identify websites”)

Tutorials for different browsers like Chrome:

Attention Chrome users: Make sure you don’t install the certificate to the wrong category tab! Default is personal certificates, but you need tab “Trusted Root Certification Authorities”

For Windows / Internet Explorer you have to install the certificate on your PC via Charles’ Menu –> Help:


2) Start Charles, rightclick the URL you want to log via SSL and check SSL Proxying:


Or add it manually in Proxy Settings (Menu –> Proxy –> Proxy Settings):


Enable SSL for…

… Astro Garden:

… Royal Story:

… all facebook-apps which are using

… Farmville: