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1. From the system tray, double-click the Webroot icon:  Screenshot_8

2. Click the PC Security gear icon:   Screenshot_2

3. Click the Block/Allow Files tab: Screenshot_3

4. Click on browse then c: then facebot_Extreme: Screenshot_5

Webroot is one of the few programs which does not allow to exclude whole folder – so need to exclude single files.

5. Search all files ending with .exe in there, currently these are those five files:


Highlight and click ok to add them. For all files that you have just added, select ALLOW of the following radio buttons:

     Allow — Ignore a file during scans and shielding.

     Block — Stop a file from executing or being written to your computer.

     Monitor — Watch the program to determine if it is legitimate or related to malware.

6. Click OK then close application