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 BMS is a harvest plug, where we select which type of building we want to harvest, and choose which ones. it reads the selected buildings, sorts whether/which are locked or not-locked (i.e, containing animals or trees meant for any other farm which cannot be placed on current farm or storage) and harvests them accordingly, n then ripens them with ready seeders to make them back to 96% or 100% depending on building.

bms1 bms2

IMPORTANT – by ‘sell’ option, the harvested rewards will be SOLD, that is, they will be GONE. do not avail if you wish to keep them all.
but ofcourse, for sharers specially, it lessens the work and makes keeping GB light and clean easier.


a) adequate space for storage – plugin needs to shift the items from build to either storage (for not locked) or other build where the tree/animal can be put, with adequate space of accommodation (for locked) eg, orchard/grove for trees, another playpen for babies from playpen/nursery barn etc.


b) adequate ready seeders for the builds to be ripened.

 based on what building we are harvesting, the process can be classified as –

● playpens, paddocks, pet runs, zoo, etc all ‘Feature Buildings‘ which can be ripened max to 96% – this % depends on how many items are inside, (example) when there is one baby inside a playpen and plug is run with seeder it will ripen to 96%, and can be harvested after 1 hr when it ripens fully.
similarly, with 2 babies inside will ripen to 92% and need 2 more hours before harvest there is reduction of 4% (which adds 1 hr to ripen) per item inside the building.

first we select the type of builds to load and then select which we want to harvest
we have to mark the check boxes of the buildings we choose to harvest.
the SmartPlug will auto put number of seeders as 1 for ‘feature buildings’


when we opt to ‘Enable’ all builds to be harvested, they all get selected in correct setting


running the plug, harvests and ripenings are done as per setting



 when ‘sell’ option is enabled for harvested rewards, they will be sold after the run is done.



● for orchard the same requirements – when trees inside are not locked then needs adequate space in storage, and if locked, then adequate space in SAME TYPE of orchard, that is to say, when harvesting in Mediterranean orchard (xmdorchard) the one where need to transfer will have to be same type too.
and ready seeders as per requirement/setting.

Orchard harvest can be of 2 types

bms9 bms10

● for coops & legendary roost – these builds can be ripened to 100%
we can give as many times harvest as we want depending on availability of ready seeders.
building without locked items will use storage and coop/dairy with locked will need another build (that is, coop will need aviary or coop) for storage while ripening.

roost is exclusive for El Dorado, n is allowed only one on farm, but since none of the roost birds are ‘locked’ on that farm, second build is not needed and normal storage suffices.

bms11 bms12

● for stable, dairies,  and nursery barns, there is z restriction only one can be placed on any farm (as it is cannot be bought anymore unless on limited sale sometimes)
therefore needs alternate storing place for the ‘locked’ horse or baby while ripening – there should be a paddock or playpen with space equivalent to how many animals been put in stable/nursery.

dairy barn is no longer available in market so users harvest according to what they already have from earlier. needs pasture with space.

bms13 bms14

REMEMBER: only certain foals and calves grow into correct adults, not all.


● after we have specified which builds we want to harvest, to save that selection for subsequent cycles also (till new setting is saved) we save it from the table’.
when we next click ‘load settings’ button, that saved setting of selected buildings will show.


● when we choose to ‘clear settings’, that chosen settings will be cleared, and we will get the empty setting to choose and set again.


● by ‘ENABLE’ we specify which building to harvest. suppose we have playpens, coops and orchards on farm, and wish to harvest the orchards, we will mark the ‘enable’ on orchards only


 Feature: REPAIR to restore intems in buildings where they were, on event of errors like 28 or 29


 for LOCKED items inside buildings, plugin will show which world the item(s) belong to


 for feature buildings with ripe percentage between 96 to 99, that will be ripe within an hour, the harvests even if set, will be skipped and building not set back by 4% again.


 when we choose to ripen, but not harvest, the plugin makes the building ripen to maximum limit and leave it without harvest immediately. we may choose to harvest them at a later time, or by some other plug. (example, orchards on MTS)


 Multiharvest for TOY LAND PLAYPEN – we can harvest as many times as there are ripe seeders ready on farm. needs adequate space in storage, if using locked baby, needs alternate storage, ie, another playpen with required space


this works on released babies, not unreleased ones.
cleaning out locked babies require moving them to different pens


 enjoy this awesome harvest plug, happy mastering, happy sharing.