Facebook is blocking all faceBot links

To avoid getting your account flagged we strongly recommend that you do NOT try share web links in groups.

You can still share normal links if wish in your groups

We suggest moving your link sharing group to an outside platform such as MeWe, its very similar to Facebook and you can setup groups just like FB.

You can get MeWe here short video how to use (there is also an app )

MeWe is a totally separate platform from Facebook so u’ll need to signup and then active your account. You still need be signed into Facebook to collect.

Its FREE just skip the trial. Alot groups have already made the move 🙂

I will not be fixing links again on Facebook. It is not worth the cost or time to fix them every other day only to have them blocked again.


Bot help groups still using Facebook at present wont be able to link directly to the site for tutorials from Facebook, we do have this link still working for getting to site (if goes down u’ll need workaround – perhaps “break” link with spaces 😉 )

Tip for MeWe you can only send out 50 invites every 24hrs but if you can share the link for your group. They can still join without you adding as a contact.