fBX Version Released!

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Here is what is new in fBX and

Changes in Version

  • New browser that supports HTML 5 better and faster (Used on your plugin tabs)
  •     Shortened Engine Name on Plugin Tabs (Farmville becomes FV)
  •     Satellites that are running in the bot will reopen when you close/open faceBot
  •     Log windows in the Controller tab can now be colored via the Themes option
  •     New Updater and Update notifications when bot updates are available
  •     Added new support links under quick links
  •     Ability to re-install engines, without having to delete the .def file
  •     fBConfig is now backed up regularly and should prevent issues with corruption
  •     PHP and the Webserver were both upgraded to latest versions that still support Windows XP
  •     New SAFE STOP to stop the bot during a cycle without corrupting your database. The bot will stop on the next call to servers
  •     New developer tools – Like Google Chrome
  •     Improved Find on the bottom of each plugin tab – now highlights on scroll bar locations of search
  •     Multiple bug fixes and code cleanups


On April 17 fBX Version been released. This is mainly a bug fix version.


  • Updated PHP Version (Old version had SSL security Issue)
  • Checks to make sure Zip Library is there
  • Updated Chrome Version
  • Warns if C++ 2012 isn’t installed instead of just closing
  • Misc Bug Fixes

Upgrade to the new fBX V here (upgrade your existing bot

Or get the first install version here (first time/new install ONLY):