fBX Version released!

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Changes in Version and HOW TO UPGRADE (READ ME!)

— What’s New —

  • Updated Php to Version 7
  • Upgraded Webbrowser
  • New MYSQL Support
  • Many Bug Fixes
  • Now shows proper engine versions installed in engine installer and more bug fixes


Bot Versions and higher will no longer run with Win XP/Vista.

You Must Have fBX_Updater to Update to – Please Close faceBot and Reopen to get the Install Prompt if you don’t already have it.

  1. Use fBX Updater to Update your Bot to Version (Click Update fBX on Top Menu of Bot)
  2. Open version of faceBot (It should show in lower left corner, if it does not something went wrong)
  3. Open the Engine Installer in faceBot and Install the Engine for the Games you Play (Farmville/Royal Story/Pot Farm) – There will now be 2 versions and they won’t run on the wrong bot. (If you install the wrong version, you can fix by installing the correct version.)
  4. Now open up your game engines Updater like FV_OpenUpdater, RS_Updater, PF_Updater. Make sure to refresh. Update all plugins both supported and 3rd party. If you do not do this the bot may not run at all. Also if you have custom plugins that are not available in the updaters, you may need to contact the developer to get an updated version or remove them from the bot (delete the plugin).
  5. Once this is all done, you will need to run the bot one full cycle and then on any additional farm/account to get it to show in plugins. (On the Farmville engine, the databases have changed and every farm account will need to be updated)

Instructions with Screenshots

For most common upgrade errors check the troubleshooting.

2) First time/new users and bots older than ONLY: Get the first install version here, install it over your old bot version:

PS: If your bot does NOT open after you update, most likely the updater did not detect Visual C++ properly, don’t worry though. Just download and run this file http://updates.facebot.org/radical3/vcredist_x86_2015.exe and then your bot should work just fine.