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You will see a Screenshot_1 in your icon tray for this program.

1. Right Click on this icon

2. Click on   Open Kaspersky Internet Security :   Screenshot_2


3. Click on Settings at the bottom: Screenshot_6


4. Click on  Additional and Threats and exclusions: Screenshot_8

5. Click on Configure: Screenshot_9

6. Click on Add: Screenshot_10

7. Click on browse, then c:, then on facebot_Extreme: Screenshot_11


8. Do as screen shows : Screenshot_12


9. Close Exclusion window then close application


Kaspersky Firewall

If your Kaspersky Version has a Firewall goto Settings on Top:

Then Firewall:


Then search for faceBot Extreme and any related program like fbx Updater and also CEF Sharp Browser process:


Rightclick each, choose “Move To Group” and set to Trusted Zone: