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PF_GroundPlanter allows to plant and harvest Seeds on Ground, from Giftbox or Store. Also can choose to use Guano or not.


  • This is no “set and forget” plugin. Look what you want to plant, set up settings carefully, then run a cycle, then stop bot and set up next task to do.
  • Can only plant premium seeds plus max two types of seeds per cycle – one from Giftbox, one from Store (coin only).
  • Plugin saves you clicking/hovering, planting slowly and steadily, 1 plot a time. However if you want to proceed through initial quests as fast as possible, rather go ingame, use Easy Autoclicker or similar Clickers & 4x Tool. Turn your Autoclicker on (use hotkeys to start/stop), then hover your mouse over the plots to plant, guano, or harvest.
  • Plugin requires Engine 20161129 or higher (update engine in PF_Updater plugin)


Recommended Base Setting: Run and Disable after cycle:


1) Plant – Guano – Harvest Settings

At top you first will choose what to do:


Plant Modes:

  • Plant only: Plants the Seeds set
  • Plant and Guano: Plants Seeds, then uses Guano right after – only those planted in same cycle will be guanoed, not the ones already on farm.
  • Plant – Guano – Harvest: Places seeds, guanoes them and harvests them rightaway. This setting will not touch seeds already planted before, only uses guano on those seeds planted in same cycle.

Guano all non-ready Plants

  • This will check all Plants on farm and if not ripe, guano them – including those planted in same Cycle.

Harvest all ready Plants

  • This will check all Plants on farm and if ripe, harvest them – including those planted & guanoed in same Cycle.


2) Select Seeds and Numbers to Plant on Ground

Second you need to decide what seeds to plant and how many. Can set all the options or only one a time.

First section lists Plants from Store:


a) First option will plant Jackpot Seeds for Potbucks. Don’t forget to set a number, if a higher number is set than PB available, number will be reduced.

b) Second option will plant any Seed available in Market – for security reasons Coins only are listed here, if you want to spend USD or PB for other plants than JP, plant those ingame.

Second section lists Plants in your Giftbox:


Here you can set:

a) Mystery Seeds, Jackpot Seeds and Potluck Seeds to plant. Plugin will also check amounts, so it is safe to set higher number than you have.

b) Any other Seed from Giftbox, Amounts you have are listed in brackets. Always look at this option and doublecheck so you don’t accidentally plant more than you wanted!


All seeds with different amount boxes can be planted parallel in one cycle. To plant several different seeds from Store or Giftbox, stop bot after cycle, set the new seed and amount, then run a second cycle etc.


3) Save Settings, doublecheck Settings in Overview

If all is setup SAVE settings, then you see what you set in the overview:


For example here are 95 Seeds set to plant on the ground, of 5 different Types. The Store plants will cost 2100 Coins. Guano Amount needed is not shown yet.


4) Overviews Total and Single Plants

At bottom you see 2 Overviews. One lists all total plants on Farm and how many plots are still free to plant:


The second Overview lists all single plants, their coordinates, protection, xp, Market Price, Harvest Time etc.


Variable Output for dynamic Seeds (Mystery, Surprise etc.) is shown once they are ready to harvest.

> To get current info in Overviews run bot a cycle to update your farm, then refresh plugin page.


5) Stats on Seed Outcomes

As of version 0.2 there is also an option to record Stats on Dynamic Seeds (like Mystery Seeds, Surprise Seeds etc.)

Tick the Box at top:

Then just plant your Seeds, do not stop Bot during a cycle, else what you planted in this cycle will not get recorded.

  • Refresh Plugin Page to see current Stats
  • Seeds of next Cycle will be added to the Stats until you Clear them
  • Currently plugin can plant all Dynamic Seeds from your Giftbox and the 3 PB-Jackpot Seeds from Market, not other dynamic Seeds from Market like Red Hashmix
  • Seeds will be recorded separately if they have a different Codename, ex.: mystery_seed_420 and mystery_seed, see overview at bottom of page:

Tipp for Advanced Users:

To save a certain recording, find the file FBID_SeedStats_mystery_seed.txt (or _surprise_seed.txt etc.) on your C: Drive > faceBot_Extreme folder >> PotFarm >> plugins >> PF_GroundPlanter
Copy this file to any folder on your PC to back it up. Once you copy it back and refresh the plugin page you see your recording again.