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PF_Planter will plant Seeds from Giftbox or Store in Hydros. This plugin uses Guano for all Plantings!

PF_Planter is one of the more complicated plugins. At the beginning watch the bot’s log (right-hand window) to see what it does and take your time to doublecheck settings.

To show current info about Hydros on your farm, run bot a cycle to update, then refresh plugin page.

Attention: Do not use Plugin if you are not good on Guano – it will Guano everything!


Setup Steps

0) Tick Run/Disable

For this plugin it is recommended to tick run & disable, so it does not plant on in next cycle:


1) Select Seeds to Plant

Choose Seed to plant from Store and/or Giftbox. In this example the plugin will plant MS, JP and PL Seeds from Giftbox x times and plant (buy) JP from Store:


Another example, this will plant Tomatoes from Store:



2) Set Number of Times to Plant

If you want for example to plant Tomatoes 10x, set like this:



3) Choose a Hydro to Plant


Here we chose a Van. If you choose several Hydros, the plugin will use all these Hydros, one after another, and plant x times in each, so watch the numbers.


4) Last Save Settings and doublecheck in the Box “Your Settings”, if this is really what you want to plant:


Then start bot (green button).


Other Tabs

1) Tab Giftbox Plants: This is just an info tab giving an overview over current plants in your giftbox. Use search function at bottom of plugin page to find something.


2) Tab Do not Harvest: These are optional settings if you need certain weed to stay, for example to harvest it ingame for a quest.

It does not matter where you insert the criteria. Fields function like a search function, looking at the item(code)name of a plant. This example will not harvest any weed with “azura”, “Blaze” or “naughty” in itemname. Fields are not case-sensitive.

The itemname of plants is something like 3x_Green_Dragon and mostly similar to the real name. It is displayed in brackets in Giftbox Tab:


A Checkbox allows to not harvest Munchies.

So this second example will not harvest Blaze Runner or any Munchies (insert, check, save):

If you want the plugin to harvest everything again, make sure all fields are blank and the checkbox is unchecked, then save (or just hit the Clear All Settings-button which will clear all tab’s settings).