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PF_Questinfo is an Overview Plugin sorting Data for Quests


Quests are currently sorted in 9 Tabs:


1) Quest Categories: Theme Quests – Questpacks – Permanent – Other

These tabs show all quests you currently have active.

Theme Quests

Shows a) Personal Progress on active Theme Quests and Weed needed for all available crop outputs (3x, 5x, 9x, 50x etc.)

and b) General Overview of active Theme Quests, no matter how far you are with them or if they are finished or not.

Example: Quest Chain Dress up shows with tasks to do and rewards.

In brackets you find total amounts needed, like 80+120+190 = 390


If you get seeds as rewards, their total amounts also show in brackets, like 50x 260 = 13000 (only from this quest), the total amount gotten from Quest 1-15 is 36874.


Tab “Questpacks” and other Tabs:

Show all Questpacks, Permanent Quests etc. and their Progess.

  • Amounts which are left to plant, sell etc. show in Red
  • In brackets you see amounts for 3x and 2x Seeds (helpful for lower levels which only have 2x weed available).



2) Quest Tasks: Harvest – Plant – Feed/Collect – Sell – Use etc.

This overview filters out only certain tasks, so you have an overview over ALL tasks where you need to harvest something, or everything you need to sell etc. for ALL the current quest stages.

Example: Only task 2 shows for the Lowtide Quest:


If I had more tasks to sell in other Quests all these selling tasks would show here.

Tab “Use etc.”: This tab lists various tasks not shown in the other Tabs. For example moving items, using items from giftbox, using guano, sending gifts or buying items.