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Pot Farm Engine – Game Tipps for New Players

In Pot Farm you need not only to focus on getting assets from quests, but also to build certain resources like Guano, Premium Seeds (Mystery Seeds, Jackpot Seeds, Potluck Seeds etc.) and Puff Puff Puff (Energy).

The main task is getting the needed big pigs and fat bats to make those resources, then can rocket your farm in no time! These tipps are from players who are bringing accounts from level 1 to 421 in as few as two weeks Рwithout bot, only using Autoclickers (like this one: https://sourceforge.net/projects/orphamielautoclicker/ ) to feed contraptions.


First steps:
There are not many tipps for very first steps, all beginning is hard. Right after the tutorial you get to choose two Questlines – choose the Conspiracy Questline, it is much better! Follow this and other questlines and do whatever gets you enough Potbucks (PB) to buy Pigs and Bats from market for 19/49 potbucks each.

The Initial Pigs and Bats got random outcomes, Cheesy and Jersey Bat, Truffle and Dragon Pig seem to be the most rare.

  • Do Quests, specially those giving Mystery (MS), Jackpot (JP) and Potluck Seeds (PL). Use your Guano if needed, do not wait for seeds taking longer than 6-8 hours
  • Have friends to get upgrade Mats for your Bats/Pigs from Gifts (Chocolate, Fancy Snacks, Second Breakfast, Pufflers). Pufflers and Chocolates are most important since they can not be bought for Potbucks.
  • Use Moocher Pro to get 100 Mystery Seeds daily from friend’s posts: https://www.potfarmmoocherpro.com/
    Before friends show get Daily Seeds here: https://gameskip.com/pot-farm/non-friend-bonus.html also check the “Filter” tab on Gameskip to get products like Chocolates and Pufflers.

Use these 9 Contraptions to turnover Munchies:

  • Mystic Door (from Tutorial Quest) – takes KEYS
  • Bats from Market: Jersey (for Guano), Albino (for PPP), Cheesy, Tabby – takes CHEEZOS, RIPPLE CHIPS, BACON
  • Pigs from Market: Candy, Donut, Truffle, Dragon – takes HEARTS, DONUTS, TRUFFLES, PUMPKIN PIE
  • Barfing Dragon (from Quest “Here be Dragons”, available at Level 150) – takes SALTY NUTS, GROOVY TUNES, CIG BUTTS
  • Pot Slots (from Questpack “Enter the Dragon” for 299 PB, set on Mystery Seeds, nothing else!) – takes BLACK TOKENS

Not needed: Brown and Purple Bat (only use for quests), Cookie and Pie Pig (use these 2 pigs later to pile guano/ppp faster)

Truffle and Dragon Pig are both a huge bonus, once you got these two along with the others you should not get stuck anymore.

3 Steps to produce needed Stocks:

1) Do not wait for pigs and bats to run. Guano-feed the contraptions listed above until you are out of munchies, then replant the outcomes. The Candy Pig is fed for surprise seeds, around 20k SS or more are needed for most timed/theme quests. Use any Autoclicker or PF_Feeder plugin for this step.

2) Plant all mystery seeds (ms), jackpot seeds (jp), and potluck seeds (pl) on ground right when you get them. A bit later you will want to use hydro vans (10 slots) to be faster. Guano all potluck seeds, also guano the other seeds to be faster. Only wait for seeds if you are having not much to plant yet. Use your Jersey Bat to make more guano as you go.

3) Sell munchies off not needed for above contraptions, including cookies, reefers pieces and pie. Use all Potbucks gotten from sell-offs to buy jackpots from the market, 3 PB each.

Repeat 1-3 endlessly (at the beginning as long as you can), and see your resources pile.

Check back to the game frequently to see if there’s any levelup promos (level 200-250-275…), buy the skip level offers until they get too expensive and all the jackpot seed offers, nothing else is worth PB.

Out of Coins? A good tipp is to sell the Hippie Tractor or even better the Moochie Machine you get at the very start – you will not miss those repeaters.

With a full set of pigs and bats your seeds will go up fast like to 5k-10k MS. Then slowly it is time to use bigger hydros, switch gradually, like using shacks (25 slots) at some point. If unsure or if you get stuck – like having nothing to feed and to plant -, use hydro vans until you are sure you got enough tries in bigger hydros to not get stuck.

Then can switch from 25s to 40s to 100 slots hydros, then for example towers (400), then at some point to 1k+ Hydros to plant your premium seeds.


Tipp for fast Groundplanting

Use the 4x tool ingame and Easy Autoclicker to groundplant. Choose 4x tool, turn on Easy Autoclicker with the hotkey (F6 – this key also turns it OFF again) and hover slowly with the mouse over the ground. If you only hit one plot a time with the 4x tool it will also not take ppp for planting, but be much faster than if your avatar runs around.


Quests and Products

Especially beginner’s quests sometimes require to use x items from your Giftbox – so save all at the beginning, do not use products if not sure if you need them later. Common items you want to keep in Giftbox for Quests are: Alien Probes, Dicks Notes, Roses, Love Potions, Cocoa Pods, Toilet Paper and all Voodoo Potions.

Also Potheads are never to be used just so, they have to stay in giftbox to be used in certain amounts, for Quests. Whatever you use will move from Giftbox to your stash, then you can use it for upgrades etc.


Contraptions vs. Repeaters

There are also “repeaters” in the game, to harvest every x hours or minutes for seeds, guano etc.

However, repeaters are not mentioned above, because you will get alot more Seeds from feeding contraptions than with repeaters. Put them out as you have space and harvest as you wish, but for game progress they are barely relevant.


Protection Items – Ranger Dick (Busted!)

If your protection is in the negative (red), your plants risk to be busted by Ranger Dick once they are ready to harvest! Protection Items – which you get from quests – prevent that. However, if the popup with Ranger Dick comes, don’t click on it, but reload the game quickly to not get busted. It is normally not grave if you don’t have enough protection items out, many players play without them because of the reload-option.

If you have trouble with getting busted can also put contraptions and items with negative protection away which you don’t use.


Neighbors – Visiting and Gifting

Visiting Neighbors only makes sense if you got the time and don’t have anything to plant or feed instead. There are no actions to do on other’s farms. Neighbor visits give you small amounts of seeds, xp, pot heads or black hash as rewards.

Neighbors are more important for gifting, to get upgrade and other materials. If you gift an item, both players get one, if you request it, only you get the item. Everything you need can be gifted, so never request from friends. Only exception is random requests, use your random daily requests. Rule of thumb: Request items from randoms, only, but gift items to friends.

Gift reset is each day at 10pm PST.

Tipp: If you let random gifts (without picture) hanging until after reset, sending them back after, they count as gifts, start to pingpong and pile up with time.



A rally is a group of up to 50 players who can
a) Share links to rally, additionally to wall. Your shares will count double for those who are friends with you & in your rally.
b) Do quests together each couple weeks – these are called “rally quests” or “inhouse events”, and they are non-competitive. Whole rally works on tasks to get stars and prizes. Tasks are mostly designed for full rallies (50 players) of average level, only high-level players manage to get all stars with less players.
c) Do competitive events each few weeks. I competitive events there are less tasks, like planting a certain crop or feeding a rally contraption over and over to get points and compete against other rallies. The ranking of your rally decides over prizes. Only for c) your rally gear comes in, which you get from quests and which multiplies your event points. A maxed out rally gear is a must-have for competitive rallies.

Which rally shall I join, if any? At the beginning any rally with active players will help with shares (a). For quests (b) you are required to have quite some spare resources beyond your regular questing to participate. For events (c) there is no limit on how many resources (guano, ppp, seeds, pb…) are used. So the higher your rally’s usual rank is, the more you are required to stock for rallies.

As a beginner you normally will choose a rally which is either fun, laid-back and not competing in events at all, or one where you are able to contribute at least average amounts for events. If you can’t catch-up on rally mates, best play with a lower-ranked rally until you are ready for the higher ranks.



  • It can not hurt to buy ALL Questpacks for coins asap so you don’t do double work
  • … and ALL Potbuck ones as soon as you are able to, EXCEPT “Crap I got Gas” this one gives you barely the worth of the potbucks back. Also skip others costing 499 pb and up until you are really having enough pb to spend, most questpacks are just for fun and not vital for game progress.

Recommended USD Questpacks:

  • The Winchester – Get the Tavern to get Food for your Barfing Dragons
  • Loose Slots – Get the Jackpot Slot Machine
  • Dank Xmas Carnival – For Fun, if you like Surprises and old Repeaters, which that Wheel gives

You can safely ignore any USD Questpack only giving hydros or repeaters, except you enjoy doing them. Each theme you get better Repeaters and Hydros, also Rally Gear is not worth buying.

Also get VIP if you can, at least for a month, to get the Pot Farm Pro Hydro, which is the best Hydro ingame – it will be upgraded continuously when better Hydros come out.