Pot Farm – Statistics

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Output Stats on Contraptions

Which contraption shall I run most? Following stats are possibly a help for more advanced players.

First Line: Average output in 1000 Runs (= Feeds)

Second Line: Average output per Run

Third Line: Average output per Second, if your 1000 feeds take you 41 Minutes (Contraptions, 2460 Secs) or if you open 1000 Pottos in 14 Minutes (840 Secs)

Fourth Line: Total number of Runs done from which the Average is calculated.


1) Barfing Dragon, Surprise Seed Slots, Surprise Seed Pottos



2) Cheesy Bat, Mystic Door, Donut Pig, Pot Slots (MS), Potto Tickets (MS), Pod Teleporters (MS)



3) Pod Teleporters (PL, SS, JP), Toka Bat, Tabby Bat, Jackpot Potto Tickets, Pot Slots (JP), Wrestling Ring, Truffle Pig



4) Truffle Pig, Drinking Contest, Dragon Pig



5) Dragon Pig, Capital Pig, Ball Gag Pig, Ball Gag Pig, Snackpot Pottos, Tree Portal (SP)



6) Tree Portal (JP, PL, Electric Seeds), Pot Slots (Guano), Cookie Pig, Jersey Bat



7) Pie Pig, Albino Bat, Alien Pig (Crates), Black Fat Cat Bat, Turkey Fryer