RS_Farmer Tutorial

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 This plug will manage crops, animals, pens, etc in your game.


1) Click each tab to choose what actions to perform


2) After you finish on each tab, click Save

RS_Farmer Save


3) Crops

  • Default setting lets you plant exactly what you need. Click default in front of crop and enter number you want; RS_Farmer will plant until that number is reached and then move on to next crop. For example, if you already have 4 coffee bean planted and you set plugin for 10, it will plant 6 more, and replant continuously to 10 after harvest (crop will stay in default-list).
  • Override crops are planted first before anything else regardless of default settings (only one time, override-list will be cleared after planting). Click blue override/default next to each crop to set these.

RS_Farmer crops1


4) Successful log looks like this:

RS_Farmer success log1