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RS_Updater will show you all the newest versions of available plugins and engine, allows update and repair.

 Make sure you always have newest Engine/Settings and Plugin Versions before you run the Bot!


Order in which to update: 1) RS_Updater itself (if needed), 2) engine/settings, 3) plugins


If you got problems with a specific plugin not related to setting it up, hit “repair” in updater.

If you still got problems delete the plugin completely in fbx menu – view – plugins:


Then reinstall it via updater. Deleting will erase your settings in that plugin, they need to be set new after that!

If nothing works, try using the RS_Cleaner (see Tutorial here).

Another TIPP for smooth performance:

Avoid having many pages for plugins open in your bot! Close all tabs you don’t need and don’t open a plugin’s page twice, this might confuse your settings.