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RS_Cleaner fixes major engine-problems, mostly by rebuilding databases. Use ONLY if you have the issues mentioned on plugin page, no need to clean frequently.

fBX Settings

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Settings is the place where you set fBX pauses, webserver port, sound at end of cycle and Logfile format.

Moving Tabs and Theme Editor

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You can move (drag and drop) your tabs and windows inside bot around and place them where you want. Watch an older Video to give you an impression how it works (many things changed in current bot version, however drag … Continued

Update Server Down Issue

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If you got a popup saying “Update Server Currently Down” in most cases means you just can’t reach servers with bot. Down for everybody or just me? Go to to check. If you see a message saying “This is … Continued


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SeedlingSh1t will grow Seedlings into any released tree you like. Works similar like alzTreeMaker, but with different interface & additional filters. First check Basic Settings and Filters for Tree List (if needed), then choose Trees to make.


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This plugin uses ripe Orchards with only 1 tree in it. Trees you want to master have to be on your farm. You will get seedlings & links from your harvests. It does add bonuses from groves.

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